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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Kitchens ~

There is something about white kitchen that I love. Maybe its because they look so crisp and clean.... and there are so many ways to design them. These four kitchens are compliments of House Beautiful ~ always a great one for inspirations.

The kitchen at the top is a Suzanne Kasler design. Lovely. A wonderful moment for me is the hood ~ I love the consistency in that spot. I also appreciate the warmth and juxtaposition added with the wood table. The chairs and window treatment are exceptional touches.

Here is a Joan Schindler design that should be titled 'Let there be light.' The natural light bathes this room and bounces off the stainless steel. Radiant as in 'bright with joy!'

Susan Tully's design pretty much had me with the subway tile. I love it. Plus black and white ~ very classic.

This one is my favorite. Susan Dossetter did a wonderful job. She pretty much takes all that I said about the previous three and incorporates the into one. A version of subway tile, warm, juxtaposition wood table, and radiant stainless steel. Plus, take a look at the beautiful detailing of the ceiling. Add the Philippe's Duravit sink and I'd be in kitchen heaven.

How wonderful!


  1. I love white kichens with black accents of course. I finally have one.

  2. I am just loving these white kitchens. I find I am loving anything white these days...


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