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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hershey Park ~

I saw this dress on Sarah Klassen's blog ~ Haute Designs. A show stopper for sure! That is why I have it on my blog ~ to get your attention. This post is another personal one ~ a few shots from our trip to Hershey Park. When one has a six year old daughter, brief vacations tend to focus on her enjoyment. That is not to say Jim and I didn't enjoy ourselves. We stayed at the lovely Hershey Hotel. Jim play golf twice and I went to the spa. We also ate ourselves into oblivion. We learned about the Milton Hershey School. Milton Hershey was a great man in my book ~ check out the school and you'll see why. Then there are the roller coasters. Some I had to venture on alone as no one in our group had the spirit (aka balls) to go on them... we'll get to those pictures.

The dress at the top naturally reminded me of the trip to the butterfly room.....

I have been to them before but this one was quite beautiful.

Here are some of Lauren's faces.....
Lauren is an 'official' Hershey Kiss maker!

Face painting ~ its all the rage! I forgot her detangler and hair brush ~ can you tell?!

Flying high with Dad.

Yup, they picked her out of the crowd ~ she was jamming!

Here she is driving Jim and I ~ eyes front honey!

See ~ its all the rage!

Here are a couple of the roller coasters that I road.....

The Bear Claw


Jim even documented it as he literally thought I was crazy. Here I am waving good-bye and going straight up.

Coming down was quite the eye opener. I have parachuted before. It felt a little bit like that including the ground rushing towards you. Fun!

Clearly I survived or you would not be reading this :)

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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