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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday ~ Shouldn't Renee Be Here?

What was Elle Decor thinking? They should have asked Renee to grace these covers in her fabulous Carolina Herrera originals!

Yes, I would say Renee looks smart and sexy in gray! She should have been standing to the left of the sofa.

Romantic with a touch of sparkle in this one shoulder beauty! They should have expanded the shot so Renee could be standing just right of the cocktail table ~ her hip echoing the shape of its side.

Renee poised just behind the middle the sofa would been the epitome of classic cool!

Sexy, sexy, sexy ~ they probably would have sold more copies with Renee standing just left of the chair.

I've joined the
Hooked on Houses Friday Party ~ check it out!

Enjoy your weekend!

Source for Renee Zellweger photos ~ InStyle.com


  1. They just had a page of Renee in either People or In touch in fab Ch dresses. She looked amazing. ED would have sold mor mags if she was on the covers. Love this post. Very clever. I think she should be coquettishly draped over the chaise and put the pillow on the chair in the last pic. Fashion and Decor in one. What could be better.

  2. Oh yeah, that would had sold millions of copies!

  3. I LOVE this post. All I can think though is how I dress matches *my* current decor ... expensive taste but incomplete and unfinished. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  4. I love this post, Paula Grace!

    She is such a great actress -- her personality is so fun! Stunning covers, too, I might add. I can't decide if I would rather live in the first or last one...hmm...maybe both *wink


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