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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to Market...

No, no... not that kind of Market! High Point Furniture Market.... I'll give you the full scoop when I return!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Blues and Oh Those Views...

No doubt you've seen these incredible pictures in Architectural Digest but I couldn't help but adore them one more time. These are a few photos of a two year redesign from architect Carlos Aparicio high in the sky. You know I am fond of blue. I have it in my own living room and sun room. It is used wonderfully here. The art is magnificent. The human form is my favorite for almost any medium. I love the floor and ceiling echoing the other. Here's more... Here is my day in this fabulous place. I enjoy the view for hours on end...
I do some work in my chic study and enjoy the views for hours on end...
After a hard day's work, I relax and soak and enjoy the views for hours on end...
I retire to my soft and cozy bed and dream of the views for hours on end.

The end.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Transformation Begins...

And so the transformation begins. Here is Lauren's little girl room. From the corona hangs crocheted drapes made by Jim's grandmother. This was my favorite part of the room. I felt as if Lauren's great grandmother was embracing her each night as she slept. Her room was adorned with pictures of her family... Her grandmothers, her grandfathers, Jim and I, and all her first cousins. I used baby pictures for some. We made three boxes for items to go in ~ donation, trash, and memory... Many things went into the memory box including the beloved drapes... This morning before Lauren left for school, she literally kissed the unicorn and each fairy good-bye in her mural... Here are my painters reviewing the complex horizontal paint job before them. My painter wants pictures when all is said and done. "This one is for the books." Of course I can accommodate that request. You had a glimpse of what's to come... As we go through the process, I will fill you in. It really is going to be vastly different from the princess room it once was but as Lauren grows and wants to reflect her own sense of style and personality, the room must grow with her. I just hope I can stay with her through it all and nurture all that is to come.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

And The Winner Is....

Last week I posted about Project Hope ~ a campaign to raise funds for Japan. I did a give-away of this lovely bottle. Pardon my tardiness in announcing the winner. The winner is RY!! I have a bit of a dilemma though ~ RY was an anonymous commenter so I have no way of contacting her or him. Hopefully he/she will read this post and email me so I may send the bottle (which I have not received yet from The Artful Home). As soon as I receive it, I'll send it to it's new happy home. My email is paula@paulagracedesigns.com.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Groovy Orange

I went to 1st Dibs looking for some groovy orange dining chairs. 1st Dibs did not disappoint. The problem... I can't decide :) I love them both and either would work well. I am leaning toward the first set as I think they are more timeless. The second set is quirky, which I also love. Hmmm??? Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congratulations Mariette Himes Gomez

Congratulations to Mariette Himes Gomez! Ms. Gomez is the 2011 ASID Designer of Distinction Award winner! Avery well deserved award for one of my favorite designers. Mariette has won numerous award and appears in the AD Top 100. I have blogged about her beautiful designs before and pleased to do it again.

Timeless elegance is how I would describe her work. I have awed over designs Mariette did years ago just like the ones she does today. That is a truly gifted designer ~ to be able to create a room that never tires. Please enjoy a few of Ms. Gomez's lovely designs and you'll understand her award of distinction.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Latest Newsletter ~

Hi all ~ here's my latest newsletter.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artful Home and Project Hope

One of my favorite vendors is stepping up to the plate to aid Japan in their great time of need ~ Artful Home.

They partnered with artist Jeff Crandall. Jeff creates these lovely glass bottles with important messages etched on them. They are simple and gorgeous. The one selected for this campaign has the words HOPE - Warning: Do Not Abandon. Fitting don't you think?

Until March 23rd, Artful Home will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of Jeff's bottle to the Red Cross to aid the victims in Japan.

I am buying several. One for myself and more to give away. In fact, I'll do a give~away. Leave me a comment on this email and I will put your name in a hat to win one of your very own. I'll announce the winner on March 24th.

Bravo The Artful Home and Jeff Crandall ~ well done!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Glorious Doors

I received my copies of Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. I sat leisurely perusing them this weekend. I was a bit under the weather so these shelter magazine were a great escape. I always find something that truly takes me away to another place. This time it was doors. Not just any type of door but ones that connect you to the world beyond. This one comes from the Shifting out of Neutral story in Elle Decor...

I love the arch, the iron motif, and the diffused light. This is a front door so privacy is important, which the frosted glass provides. What about a back door though...

Ahhhhh, that's a breath of fresh air ~ literally. This comes from Renaissance Man (aka Richard Shapiro) who's beach front home appears in Architectural Digest. His home is stunning and the views magnificent.

Its amazing to me how a door can bring with it so many visions and dreams.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Proud Mommy

This morning Jim and I attended Lauren's award ceremony. At her school, they have monthly awards for certain traits or behaviors. Students and teachers all vote. Lauren received the award this month for Fairness and Honesty.

Look at that sweet face (ok, I may be a tad bias... but....).

That's my girl!! I adore you my love :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving Along

Just a few shots to show you where I am in one of my projects.


Awww, that's a little better. The custom cabinets start to be installed tomorrow. That will be fun. A few more weeks and we'll be ready for a party. Your invitation is in the mail :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Classic Style

I just love Anne Hathaway. She seems like a Hollywood starlet not spoiled by the razzle dazzle that comes with her craft. She is alway impeccably dressed. Anne has such a wonderful, classic style ~ long, flowing hair, fantastic smile, and casual demeanor. She also happens to be a very good actor that has beat the odds of starting young and staying clean and focused.

Lovely, just lovely.

This dress in particular struck a chord with me. The elegance of it. It reminded me of days gone buy when women would be a bit more demure in their appearance. I appreciate that more than seeing one's bulging cleavage. Believe me, if one has breasts to flaunt, this dress will do the trick as it hugs the body and shows off Anne's curves. I find I am drawn to the classic with a modern twist. My BeautifulX2 Curio Tables (see yesterday's post) is all about just that ~ an update of a classic.

Here is the creme de la creme ~ the surprise of the backless. I adore the backless dress when the front is demure. It's a wow factor as classic as they come. This type of dress always reminds me of the touch of surprise and wow by upholstering the back of a chair in a sensational fabric while keeping the rest of the fabric simple.

It's like keeping one's make-up simple and then experiencing the pop of the ruby red lips.

For me this translates into the pop of color in a predominantly neutral room.

DENIER contemporary living room

I adore these classics especially in a modern interpretation. That's the underlining current in the furnishings I design. I'm looking forward to unveiling them piece by piece for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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