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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recipe for a Beautiful Bathroom Makeover

Today I have a guest writer! Richard Banks for BetterBathrooms.com has written a quick and easy path to a beautiful bathroom makeover for us. They also have a interesting blog that introduces new products to the marketplace as well as many DIY projects for your perusal ~ http://www.betterbathrooms.com/news/.

Take it away Richard...

For a luxurious and welcoming bathroom that allows you to indulge your need to be pampered as well as your more practical side, tiled surfaces in soft, neutral tones are both practical and adaptable, while
wooden bathroom furniture will add warmth as well as style.

Decorating your walls in pale neutrals gives you scope to add rich accent colours and change them in accordance with the season or even just to suit your current mood. Tiled surfaces can be beautiful as well as practical and are always a favoured option in the damp environment of a bathroom – installing coordinating sets of tiles such as the Italian ‘Le Rable Craie’ collection helps to take much of the difficult decision-making out of decorating. This collection features wall and floor tiles in a pale matt beige together with contemporary design tiles which can be used to add a warm chocolate and mocha accented design to a feature wall.
Against this neutral backdrop, some freestanding bathroom furniture will create the ideal high end look. Choose solid wood pieces, or pieces with a real wood veneer, to bring the warmth of nature into your bathroom. Opt for a freestanding vanity unit with rich, dark wooden tones and either add other natural materials, such as a stone vessel basin, or stick to a classic white ceramic counter top basin for contrast. Additional walnut bathroom cabinets will complement your vanity unit and provide the ideal home for your accumulated bathroom clutter.

Ensure that there’s sufficient lighting in your bathroom: good ambient and task lighting will show your room off to its best advantage and allow it to function well as a practical space.

For a final touch of luxury, think about adding a freestanding bath. With modern materials and designs, freestanding baths have moved on from the traditional ‘roll top’ style, and you can choose from almost any shape and style you care to imagine. Wall mounted taps over both your bath and your wash basin will help to lend a contemporary, minimalist air to your beautiful new bathroom.

Thank you Richard! I love the last picture with the freestanding tub. I almost did one in my last home. Maybe this home will get one!

Until next time ~ happy decorating!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Interiors of Washington, DC

I am very excited to announce that I've been invited to participate in an upcoming book publication. The picture above is of the Southeast regions version. It is a beautiful coffee table book showcasing wonderful interior designers. The Panache Company publishes regional books. They scour the country looking at designer's work and then inviting them to be a part of it. My book comes out this summer. You'll be able to purchase it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

This past Friday, I had a photo shoot at one of my client's homes. It was an unusual shoot because the finished product is a 360 degrees view of several rooms in the home. This view will be available online in conjunction with the book. It is very cool! I'll share the link once it is up.

Of course, I'll be having a give~away of one of the books when it is available but I wanted to give you a sneak peak...

This beauty will appear in the Transitional section of the book. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank you Shoshana and Houzz for Featuring my Work

Its funny... if you scroll down, you'll see where that vase now lives in my new home. I love that vase! Its from Palecek in case you would like to know :-)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More is Up on My Walls ~ YAY!

Let's start at the beginning... the entry. I took this picture above standing in my foyer looking into the music room. Those are my favorite wedding pictures. Candid shots of Jim and I dancing and of us with our bridal party ~ laughing. I love that one. These are front and center on a column as you walk in the front door. The shot below is what you saw when you look up at the second floor hall from the foyer.

Before the art was installed.

Here is is with the artwork. You may notice a theme with almost all of the artwork in my home. Can you see the theme? There will be some exceptions.

Above is my art installer's ladder complete with tools. He just keeps moving it around to the area he's working rather than carry a tool chest. One never knows when the ladder will come in handy.

While were upstairs, let's peek into one of the guest rooms. Above is the room minus any wall adornment.

I used the mirrors I had in my dining room in my old house here. They will have a strong connection with the drapes which have a circular star-like motif on them. I cannot wait to get those up. The two together will bring a wonderful rhythm to the space. I love that!

Here is the back second floor hall that over looks the family room. This art has been waiting a while to be hung.

There you go.

This is the view from the family room. I have a gorgeous mirror planned for in between the floor vase and artwork...

Isn't she a beauty??! This is an amazing John Richard mirror 96" tall and 48" wide. I ordered it but it will not be in until the end of December :-( I did visit it when I was a Market though :-)

Below is the creme de la creme... ready??!

A blank wall! BUT...........

I commissioned an artist to paint a trip tyke for me. I am looking forward to seeing the drawings and seeing them come to life. Each will not be quite that wide. I think they need to be slightly thinner. I am leaving the tape up to remind me of what's to come. As soon as they arrive I will show you and tell you all about the wonderful artist. That will be a happy day!

Did you catch the theme to the artwork?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"It Ain't Nothin' but a Thing"

I have a wonderful team. My installers, Jeff and Joe, like to keep things simple. Here is a project I'm working on that had a dilemma. You see in my neck of the woods, we have many, MANY two story whatever... family rooms, foyers... you name it, we have it in a two story version.

Two story installation of drapes is not for the faint of heart. Trust me ~ it can be a bit scary. I am not afraid of heights. Heck I have parachuted before. But sometimes when way up high on a ladder, one may need to stretch to reach what's needed.. or sneeze... or have the ladder start to slip a little. At least when I jumped out of the plane, I knew the parachute would open and I wouldn't crash to the ground. That is not the case here. So up they go. I still say a prayer every time.

Then the magic happens and I appreciate their efforts so much. But what if a designer is faced with two story almost everywhere in a room. Here's the situation... the window to the left of the fireplace is partially over a landing of the stairs. One of my installers, Joe, has a saying..."It ain't nothin' but a thing." And he's right. If the room demands silk from head to toe ~ you give it to it freely, without reservation or complications.

Even if the ladder needs to be placed in an unconventional manner, you smile at the sight of it and marvel at the effect.

Once the room is completely furnished in all its splendor, the quirk will disappear and all that will be left is enjoyment. See... it ain't nothin' but a thing :-)
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