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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Fray ~ Heartbeat

I love this song and this acoustic version.  It inspired me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nature's Simple Influence

This past weekend, my family and I hiked along the Potomac River. It was a gorgeous day ~ not too hot ~ sunny and crisp in the shade.

There's Jim and Lauren on a fallen tree. It got me to thinking about how nature has influenced so many designs.

Something as simple as a stick can provide inspiration and have impact. Above, my daughter uses one to aid her when she got tired.

So many lovely product designs have been influenced by or merely use the simplicity of a stick. From hardware to lighting to furniture and beyond ~ the stick has made important contributions. Here are just a smattering of examples compliments of Rocky Mountain Hardware, Palecek, Global Views, and Arteriors Home.

Designers often say they want to "bring the outdoors in." Today's selections in the Market let us do this easily. I love bringing in the accents above. They have a way of belonging no matter what the 'style' may be. Likely because they are so familiar, so at ease.

One doesn't even need to make a purchase to achieve the sophistication of the pieces above. Simply find some beautiful sticks of your very own and make a lovely arrangement to accent your home. Photos compliments of Houzz.

Barefoot Contessas Home Kitchen, Recreated  kitchen

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday's Method ~ What's New?

Hmmm, no one had any interior design questions for me so my Monday's Method today will focus on 'What's New.' There are new products coming out at every market. When I visit my usual hautes at Market, it's difficult to see everything. I tend to go to their websites and click on the new product category. This week, I perused Palecek again. Here's a fact about Palecek ~ they have always been eco-friendly. For them it isn't a trend, never has been ~ it's just a way of life. That' pretty cool. Here are some of their new and relatively new items that caught my eye.....

The one at the top is the Colonial Lounge Chair. I am a sucker for the British Colonial style. I have always loved it. This chair features a plantation gemelina frame and hand carved leg detail. Double rattan matting is added for style.

The Bristol Arm Chair and it's partner below, the Bristol Side Chair.

These chairs have pole rattan frames and features a woven plantation mahogany back pattern, leather bindings, and a dark coffee finish. Gorgeous!
This is the Auburn Lounge Chair. Isn't it interesting? Wonderful texture. A rattan pole is used to create the frame and hand bent crazy weave design ~ cool!. A two tone coffee and warm brown finish is added. This chair may not look all that comfortable, but it is. They feature an elasticized spring fabric deck which provides long lasting comfort.This hot little number is the Bundle Stick Side Table. This table is created from sticks that are found and bundled together. No two are alike. They can add so much interest to any room as they cannot be classified to one particular style. I love that versatility.
This is the Colonial Table. I love its form and shape ~ classic! It is constructed with a plantation gemelina wood base and anegre veneer top. It is finished in yummy espresso and warm brown hues. I will use these as side tables, night tables, an accent table.... Again, the possibilities are abundant.
This mid-century styled table is called the Pasadena Side Table. It is constructed from plantation mahogany with a mahogany veneer top and multiple brown tone finish. This reminds me of furniture we had in my home growing up so it has a nice association. That's what caught my attention.
How about this beauty? The Pasadena Motion Coffee Table. Yes, its related to the table above and yup, it moves. The bottom can be aligned with the top or moved to accommodate a furniture grouping or party guests. Fabulous!

They also have some wonderful new mirrors that I like. The one is the Blue Capiz Mirror. I love the mixture of material ~ steel wire is formed into a sun design with Capiz shell details and a beveled mirror. This is a new and interesting way to use these ever popular shells. Beautiful!

White Looking Glass Mirror ~ I have seen very similar designs using this approach but I never seem to tire of it. I see this used in a grouping. It is a 22" square so several can be placed together connecting the ovals as such.....

I could do a whole wall with them!

The next two come in black or white.
These are the Dahlia Mirrors. Plantation tung wood is painted and hand carved to reveal natural wood tone details. A plain mirror sits in the center. I love the delicate wisps at the ends.

These are the Marabella Mirrors. Hand carved tung wood is painted and carved to reveal the natural wood tone carving. A plain mirror rests in the center. These are wonderful because you can hang them in either direction dependant on your needs.

And last, but not least, some fun wall art. First the Metal Dragonfly.....

and the lovely Metal Windblown Tree.

I like to mix materials with my wall decor. If I have have paintings or photographs as wall adornments, I try to add pieces such as the ones above to add diversity.

So tell me ~ do you like these new pieces? Where would you place them?

BTW ~ These pieces are available though The Beautiful Home Store and, as always, a portion of the purchase price is donated to charity.

Monday's Method is here for interior design advice. If you have a question, leave me a comment. If you have a specific interior design question to your home, drop me an email with a couple of photos ~ that will help me give better suggestions ~ paula@paulagracedesigns.com.

Don't forget to visit tomorrow for Timeless Tuesday!

I'm linking with Mary's Mosaic Monday at the Little Red House. Check her out for amazing photography!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eye Catching ~

I was perusing Houzz when these designs caught my eye..... They are the work of Bockman Forbes + Glasgow, Architecture + Design.

I really love this bathroom. I adore neutral colors ~ always have. I designed my teenage bedroom with many of these same colors. I have always found them soothing, This bath caught my eye first for the hues and then because of the tub ~ I love how it would hug me during a long soak.

This one is quite extraordinary. The red pop and connection between the zones is so well done to me... and that chandelier is breathtaking.

I'd say these folks have a great eye for focal points in their rooms. What do you think?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Idols Revisited

Here I am again thinking about Adam and Kris. I say again because I posted about them before. I spoke about wanting to see Adam in a Broadway show ~ I think I saw that on the American Music Awards. And listening to Kris most other times. I still feel that way.

I first heard Kris' song above on a pop music channel. I didn't know it was Kris. I found myself liking the beat. Then I started listening to the words. Positive, focused on living life, not being judgemental..... Great song ~ great message!

Adam's song is quite good too ~ directly to the point ~ "I'm here for your entertainment." Man, is he ever!

You see there is room for many ideas and feelings in this world ~ profound, informative, and playful ~ I wouldn't have it any other way.

Enjoy all that life has to offer!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Show House Reminisce

Ever since I covered the CharityWorks' Green Designer Show House, I have been thinking about doing a show house. I have not done one in a while. I wish I submitted for the Green one but I did not. Show houses have been off my radar for a while even when asked to do one. Now I am reminiscing about the last one I did for The Loudoun Arts Council. What a fun time that was. The house was amazing ~ Rust Manor. A beautiful mansion surrounded by acres of green grass, lush trees and complete with stone road leading to it. The mansion was gifted to the Audubon Society by the Rust family. The Loudoun Arts Council and Audubon Society teamed up to do the show house. Unfortunately the house was in a bit of disarray and needing quite a bit of TLC. The goal of the Audubon Society was to be able to rent the beautiful mansion for weddings and such to gain extra capital to run their programs. What a great idea then to team up with The Loudoun Arts Council and do a show house! Bring in interior designers to attain their goal. I was selected to do the library. Above is the design concept rendering. Here are the before shots.

The bones of the room are magnificent. The built-in bookcases are lovely. The windows boast amazing views. The mantel was significantly damaged or I would have tried to selvage it as it was original to the home. I sadly had to remove it. In this show house, we were asked to incorporate the art work of the local artists whose work has been recognized by the Arts Council. Most of the designers, including myself, also paid homage to the Audubon Society. We also respected the incredible architecture of the home as it is breathtaking. The paint color options were selected by the Show House Committee as they wanted flow to be taken into account. They chose well ~ the first swatch in the Benjamin Moore Historical colors ~ buttery yellows and pale greens. I selected the lightest buttery yellow tint. Here are my after photos (double click on them for the full affect).....

This French inspired design began with the art of conversation with the primary focal point of the fireplace and the secondary focal point the art on the wall opposing the fireplace. The sofas were positioned to be able to see both and face each other for intimate interaction. The palette began with fabulous fabric on the ottoman from Beacon Hill. From the hues on the fabric, I selected the butterscotch area rug from Odegard. I color matched the rug hue for the paint to back the bookcases. Painting the bookcase backs added depth and richness. I also placed a mirror back in a portion of the lowest bookshelf to add a bar stocked with Port wine. Antique wine glasses and crystal and silver accessories completed it. I used traditional pieces from TCS upholstered in sumptuous fabrics from Robert Allen/Beacon Hill. The throw pillow fabric is also from Beacon Hill except the blue and gold striped one ~ that is a Highland Court silk that I adore. The casegoods are from Norwalk. The portable lamps are from Lenox and Waterford. The art work is stunning. The landscape paintings were done by Ed Cooper. The pastels were done by Libby Stevens. I simply hung them on decorative hooks with wire covered in fabric. Almost all of the items that were for sale in the room were sold. Wonderful as that is one of the ways money is raised in almost any show house. I remember it was a Fall Show House and particularly cool on some of the days. Many people came back to my room after they saw the entire house ~ they simply wanted to hang out in there. They told me how inviting and warm the room was and wanted to sip tea lounging on a sofa. That was the best compliment! If I had tea, I would have served it! It was a lovely event and I adored my room. I am itching now to do another show house. Hmmmm.... I should do something productive with that itch.

I am joining the Metamorphisis Monday party at Between Naps on the Porch and Blue Monday at Smiling Sally's. Hop on over to see what's happening there!

I just found out that Julia from the wonderful Hooked on Houses posted about my room in this show house on her blog as well! Wow, is that cosmic or what??!! Great minds..... Thanks Julia ~ you're the greatest!
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