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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reeves Design

So I was browsing on Vincente Wolf's blog as I frequently do. He spoke about notable showrooms for him at the Las Vegas Market. Reeve Design was one of them. I took a look. A long look. This fun man has some very nice designs. Unusual. I really enjoy his lines, very fluid and graceful. The shapes and forms are exceptional. Sometimes he takes timeless designs, and makes them into something different with his own spin and new materials. Other times, its all him and it is beautiful.

I know someone who will love this vanity (aka Kristin D.).

Look at the shape and form of this little beauty! And the color choices ~ amazing.

I love how unusual this piece is ~ check out his website for the full view.

The mixing of materials here is really special.

Again, the mix is awesome.

I would love to see his work ~ touch it really.

I hope he comes to High Point! I just received my catalogs. I'll have to look.


  1. Okay, that X bed is fab. I love the tray too. It is just like my mirror don't you think. You're right, his stuff is kick ass(can I say that on your blog). Sadly, he won't be at high Point, bummer. I started making my list last night. I love market.

  2. Woah! Wow! Love, love, love :) Every single piece! I must look into this further...


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