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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's New ~ Barbara Barry for Global Views

When folks do not write in for advice for Monday's Method, I like to cover new items in the market. Barbara Barry is a favorite interior and product designer of mine. Has been for years. When she teamed up with one of my favorite vendors, I was intrigued. Here is a good representation of Barbara's collection...

Script Oval Tray in Ivory and Silver Framed Tray ~ I really love these; they're classic Barbara.

Luxe Organizers and Octet Tray with Mirror in Cocoa

Banded Ceramic Vases in White and Polished Tazza in White ~ I can see placing these in several design styles. I like that versatility.

Sphere of Light and Radiance Convex Mirror ~ I wonder if you can see the future in the sphere? I just couldn't resist saying that :)

I am actually on vacation right now so I won't have my usual week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I'll pay tribute to the color wheel and show representations of either rooms primarily in the color or a excellent use of the color as a pop. Yellow and blue on Tuesday, orange and purple on Wednesday, and red and green on Thursday. Friday will still be my fun day!

See you next week ~


  1. you know...I love trays and platters..have a "thing" for them..think so useful all over the home..don't you? I have a few that I have moved to several different rooms over the years....and I love the BB ones you showed us! I will be carrying Global Views mdse in new showroom so thank you for preview!

  2. You just put a smile on my face...I just bought 2 organizers almost identical to photo no. 3 at HomeGoods (Mine has black satin interior with pebbled leather finish but same hardware) 10 bucks each. What a score. I almost didn't buy them buy figured I would find a space for them!

    Love the square tray....

  3. I'm such a fan of Barbara's work! She has the most classic, elegant eye and style...thanks for sharing these lovely pieces. I would love to get my hands on that first tray - it's so pretty. And as you mentioned, these pieces would work with different styles so well...*sigh* lovely...

    Hope you're having a wonderful vacation :)
    I can't wait to hear more!

  4. I love Home Goods. It is a great place to find stylish bargains!


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