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Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Strauss

Happy Monday! If you're looking for Monday's Method ~ no one wrote in for advice today. No worries though, today I am writing about a wonderful furniture man ~ John Strauss. The beautiful piece above is the Louis Hall Table from his Deco Collection. Look at those gorgeous graceful legs.

I met John at High Point Market and had a chance to peruse his designs. I was enchanted. This is the piece that brought me to his showroom...

The Vida Poche from his Salon Collection. What I really like about his work is that it is unsual and it is green. Like myself, John is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

John comes from a furniture and design family so I believe it is in his blood. His craftsmenship and attention to detail is fantastic. That is his dashing self above. Here is a smattering of his collections....

Deco Collection...

Mabel Bedside Table

Mabel Lingerie Dresser

Harlow Dining Table

Katharine Chair (I love the form and shape of this chair)

Mabel Low Dresser

Mabel Upholstered Club Chair (drool!)

Salon Collection...

Savoy Bedside Table

Garbo Screen

Bacall Buffet

Miami Red Vida Poche (love this little gem)

Oak & Iron Collection...

Oak & Iron Bed

Oak & Iron Bedside Table

Oak & Iron Dresser

Oak & Iron Nightstand

Gable Coffee Table

Lovely, yes? Which is your favorite piece?

Don't worry ~ Monday's Method is intact ~ if you have a question about a design issue, leave me a comment. If you would like advice about something specific to your space, send me a couple of pictures at paula@paulagracedesigns.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

See you tomorrow for Timeless Tuesday ~


  1. Lovely is right! I absolutely adore the first piece - it's my favorite of all...very visually stunning.

    Thanks for sharing, Paula Grace :)

  2. Beautiful his work! My favorite is the black low dresser!

  3. I remember when we stumbled upon this show room at market. He is a nice guy too. I like the oak and iron nightstnd the best. His craftmenship is really lovely and impressive. The eco friendly aspects are the icing on the cake.


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