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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday's Room

Carlyle Penthouse eclectic living room

This room is the work of Riehl Designs, Inc. Photo compliments of Houzz. I love the soft blend of pattern, texture, and shape (including the interesting ceiling fixtures). The white rhythm from ceiling to floor and down the center catches my eye. It's contrast with the deep hues really makes them pop. I have been fascinated lately by the drapeless window. Here, I really see why. Not only is the white a lovely pop and rhythm, it looks so lush and billowy that it adds the softness that would come from fabric framing the windows. I love red-orange and for me, this is just the right amount to use. The zig zag beat to the red-orange and ultimately being grounded by it is the jazz next to the white symphony ~ love it. All of this music is enveloped safely in neutrals. This is how a room does not get out of control. You should hear the music but not dance right off the stage. Nicely done ~


  1. Those ceiling fixtures are incredible. And I love the red and orange.

  2. Fantastic! That is just kick butt gorgeous. The cocktail ottoman and chandys are too die!

  3. I'm always drawn to rooms with interesting lighting like this. I also like the repeated use of the color white.

  4. We should thank you for giving such a wonderful blog.


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