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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Viva Bohemia!

Here is my surprise ~ please welcome my guest writer... celebrity interior designer & author, Annette Tatum, has been designing for over 15 years. She is the creator of the home decor lines, House and Little House, as well as the newly launched Annette Tatum Collection. She also writes a wonderful blog, The Well Dressed Home. I'm so excited to have Annette as a guest on my blog. Pssst... I am a guest writer on her blog today ~ my Thursday's Room is over there.

Here's Annette's post...

I have long been a fan of the “well traveled” look of the Bohemian nomad. In fact, I dedicated a chapter to the Bohemian style in my new book, The Well Dressed Home. This remarkable style delivers fabrics from faraway lands, colors inspired by the desert and beads and heavy adornment from many exotic destinies. Such is the life of “Les Bohemians" - the free spirits and wanderers of the world.

To me, Bohemian style has always been the eclectic mixing from different cultures and places. I love that bohemian can be added to any room or wardrobe with just an accent. Like a drop-in-visitor whose life is on the road, Bohemian style makes its home anywhere. Layer in deep teal blues and crimson reds or invite tassels and beads into your room and you have the bohemian look. The “boho” is ethnic and exotic, daring and bold; the well worn symbol of a life well traveled. Double click on the pictures to enjoy them completely.
The “hip” look of boho-lux can be found in room décor as well.

A well layered room can invite and entertain those who rest there. Let your walls tell their tales of a journey to another land. Welcome visitors to share your travels with a display of your treasures.

Spring is the perfect time to introduce the vibrant colors and eclectic decor of the Bohemian style. Let loose and see where your imagination leads you.

Thank you Annette for your fantastic post! I'm going to look around my home and see where I can add Bohemian touches.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful guest and post!

    I truly enjoyed reading this post and the array of inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Great ideas and inspiration for changing up the home.


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