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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thursday's Room

Malibu Architectural contemporary living room
Tracy Murdock, ASID

I found this room by Tracy Murdock on Houzz. If you have never visited the site, you should. There is so much inspiration there, it is mindboggling.

If you read my blog, you know that Thursday's Room is dedicated to looking at a room with the principles and elements at the fore. This room is lovely to me because the focal point was taken to heart ~ the beautiful view. There must be something on the wall opposing the view such that the furniture is directed towards or it would be facing the view. Still, the breathtaking view was framed nicely without distraction. The seat backs are low and the room is monochromatic except for the pop of muted orange. Here is what I love especially ~ the muted orange is the perfect compliment to the blue hues outside from the water and sky. My eye immediately picked up on that detail and the harmony it creates. We all know the blue and orange are complimentary colors. But the saturation point for the orange appears to have been carefully chosen to to relate perfectly with the blues. Hand selected from the sunset. Even the wood tone compliments.

I adore the high window bringing in more light and more blue and the personalization with the pictures. The seat backs are low as I mentioned and the form of the sofas is straight aka pure in my mind to not compete with what is seen beyond. The seating also looks very comfortable and livable. I imagine it being upholstered in organic cotton or linen again for the purity.

To control the expanse, Tracy added molding to bring more intimacy in the room ~ she also adds a neutral color a shade or two deeper that the higher wall and ceiling color. Note the line of the molding ~ it touches the top if the pass though into the dining room but practically points to the view -> look here <- is what the molding is saying to me ~ look at my magnificent ocean view. Ok, I will! Beautiful!

The room has an organic presense to me. As I said, I imagine the upholstery fabric to be cotton or linen. Add the wood beam, the wood lamps with what I believe is silk shades, off white shag-like carpet that look like grass, shell for an accessory, water, sky -> organic, pure, comfortable, simple, elegant, very pleasing to the eye, harmony with the palette taking the outside grossly into account.

I think this is an example of a perfectly executed design. I want to be in that room in bare feet.

My hat is off to Tracy. A magnificent job. Brava!


  1. What a beautiful room! Thanks for breaking it down. I noticed the pops of orange but never thought of how they related to the view.
    Although this room is very contemporary and white it still has a very cozy feel. I could totally see myself curled up on the couch reading a book {or blog}.

  2. Love the airy, spacious feeling in this room!

  3. Thank you Paula, I am honored...

    You are right, the sofa is linen. It is actually a "double" sided sofa I designed with a chaise that looks out to the view. (I wish I could attach the view from the loft above looking down on this) The home has an "open" floor-plan and the side of the sofa that is visible looks onto the open kitchen, dining room and of course...the plasma TV. I wanted the room to have a beachy comfortable feel, yet still relate to the architectural "architecture".

    The house was designed by renowned architect; Frederick Fisher, who built the home using the principles of hillside building, in harmony with nature, Fisher’s team employed mahogany, copper, textured materials and color to create a new modern idiom, the design shelters all under a great swoop of roof, with huge copper-sheathed eaves that deflect both winter rains and summer sun.

    This is actually my house in Malibu, if you are ever in LA, by all means, you are invited!

    Thank you,

    Tracy Murdock

  4. I may take you up on that! Thanks, Tracy, for the info on the house. The architecture is wonderful highlighted and enhanced by your lovely interior design.

  5. What a beautiful room! I feel calmer just from looking at it.

  6. Gorgeous! It feels so warm and serene...the details are incredible. I love...

    * the complimentary colors
    * the sofas (I want them!)
    * the windows

    Let's go barefoot, sit in that room and enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie. Tracy has done an amazing job!


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