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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday's Room

Beach House Bridgehampton modern living room

Today's Thursday Room I found on Houzz. You know I am a Houzz fan! This room made it into my personal inspiration file and then into my Organic Presence file. This creation is the work of Amy Lau Design. This particular room is part of her Beach House Bridgehampton portfolio. The first thing I notice about her portfolio is that she is not afraid, which is a fantastic quality in a designer. Her diverse use of color, shape and form, and material is quite grand.

The room at the top to me is wonderful harmony of mid-century style furniture, organic materials and shapes, and contemporary colors. The cool palette is warmed though her use of the organic materials and her wood tones. I adore the twisted free formed light colored wood period! I adore it more in its wonderful placement ~ in juxtaposition to the orderly mid-tone wood cabinet. The unity is in the material + the diversity in shape, form, line, and color = harmony. Yum!

The architectural details of the room also add to the organic presence and a feeling of expanse ~ the white beams, the large window with a view of nature to admire. I love her choice of window treatment fabric ~ adds softness without distracting.

Rhythm is an important fundamental to me and she achieves it here with the connections of the wood tones. Each has a partner in the room ~ the twisted sticks with the round glass top table, the white table with the beams, the mid-tones with the orderly cabinet and the wood of the upholstered exposed wood furniture. My eyes joyfully bounce around.

Amy also achieved a wonderful balance. Balance between the disorderly and orderly wood features and also all the wood pieces as a whole and the upholstered pieces. The wood / organic elements bring the excitement. The upholstered pieces bring the ease ~ a soothing palette, a demure back, and soft appearing texture. It is like Humphrey Bogart and Grace Kelly...

Note the texture of their skins ~ his lined and rough; hers soft and smooth. This is how I see this room ~ bringing together two facets and forming them into a magnificent whole ~ just like Casablanca.

Here's looking at you Amy! Casablanca won three Oscars ~ best picture, best director, best screenplay ~ that about sums up your room.


  1. Beautiful room definitely love the rhythm!

  2. I adore this room beyond words! It certainly has wonderful harmony - the organic materials and shapes and contemporary colors look stunning...


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