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Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Friday ~ No Fabric Required

Sometimes window treatments are not needed to enhance the beauty. When? When you have amazing architecture and a fantastic view. The photos are compliments of Houzz.

KANNER ARCHITECTS modern living room
Kanner Architects

great room contemporary living room
Mark English Architects

Fulcrum Structural Engineering modern living room
Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Living Room contemporary living room
Garret Cord Werner

Fulcrum Structural Engineering modern living room
Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Lieutentant Island Island Residence, Wellfleet modern living room
Hammer Architects

Eifler Associates modern living room
Eifler & Associates Architects

Anson Way Living Room modern living room
Amato Architecture

CrystalTech - [ Roger Hirsch Architect ] modern living room
Roger Hirsch Architect

Mid-Century Modern Addition, Truro modern living room
Hammer Architects

Did you enjoy the view(s)?

It's funny... interior designers speak often of window treatments. Did you happen to notice that all but one of these photos are from architectural firms? Hmmm??.....

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I loved all of the views. I wonder what it feels like at night? I think I have lived in the city for too long.

  2. Spectacular views that would be a mistake to cover.
    great blog

  3. Wow Paula!! First, I'm so excited that i have the opportunity to follow a wonderful designer like you through blogosphere! Second, I'm an admirer!! Third, about this post, yes it is sooo true the presenceof windows! I love French windows! The rooms you've shown are fantastic!

  4. Very good point, Paula Grace! Window treatments, I believe, would ruin these places...and they are amazing! I had to go back and look them over three times...I was trying to select a favorite. I cannot, though, they are all stunning, with different attributes and qualities...

  5. Droooool. I want to live in every one of those homes!!!

  6. As an interior decorator with an education and background in interior design, I get TONS of requests for help with window treatments... and I don't even really LIKE window treatments. If the architecture of your space is well designed, don't clutter your windows with curtains!
    The images are so lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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