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Monday, March 1, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ~ Five

Welcome to Timeless Tuesday ~ Five. Today, the classic I would like to bring to the party is trees. Trees?! Yes, trees. We all know the beauty of trees, the benefits to our environment, providing shade on the warm day.... What about is interior design though? We have branches and trunks literally pulled into designs... Gorgeous!

Mariette Himes Gomez published in Architectural Digest

And we have them represented in many other ways. Here's just a few...

Anne Tarasoff and Gail Tarasoff-Sutton published in Elle Decor

The painted mural.

Published in Elle Decor


Amy Lau working with artist, Jo Lynn Alcorn, and wallpaper company, Maya Romanoff,; published in Elle Decor

Three dimensional mixed material.

SkB Architects of Seattle and Jo Braun published in Elle Décor

And mosaic repurposed mirror.

Trees are timeless. They are naturally soothing and have wonderful shape and form that add interest and dimension to almost any space. We have just seen examples of a living room, a stairway, a dining room, and a bath. Different spaces; different perspectives and materials. And all the simple, elegant, classic tree.

Now it's your turn to show off your classic self ~

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  1. Paula!! I love the bath! The mirrored mosaic is stunning...and I am sure expensive! I really love this...and I am kind of picky about bath design:) These are beautiful pix. Ok, so trees...how about this...am doing extra large master bath and we are doing tiles that have irridescent trees sort of as an image over the tile....sounds weird but is gorgeous..am meeting with them tomorrow and want them to wrap the corner with the same tiles...48" long by 24" wide..the tub will set freestanding in front of the trees on the tile. You have to see it to believe it. Very modern but I love it!! We are simpatico!

  2. Love these images! I added my post here as you suggested. Will do steps 3 and 4 tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. Oh I messed up - did it twice. Remove the 1st one please. Thanks! I'm new to all this.

  4. Honestly Vanessa, you did not mess up. It just takes doing it a few times to get the hang of it. Plus, the folks I would like here ARE new to this. I appreciate your link!
    Paula Grace ~


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