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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday's Method

Today Nichole writes in with the following concerns:


I'm stuck for a paint color in this room. The cabinetry is in good condition but needs a new coat of white, as does the rest of the trim in the room. The basic white tile on the floor and in the shower is in good condition, so it must be kept. I have already changed the knobs to polished chrome egg shaped ones and they look better when nieces haven't been playing with them. :) I need a new countertop and sink. I've been looking at some quartz options online like Silestone. Maybe white with gray veining? Built in sink or undermount? I obviously need new sink and bath taps. And what do I do about the horrendous mirror frame around the mirror? My frame shop has just started custom framing mirrors. Maybe they can build one over it? I've already purchased lights and towel bars from the Chatham Hardware Collection at Restorations Hardware. They are in a closet waiting for me to be inspired. The accessories on the counter are also from that collection. The paint in the bedroom is Apple 4 or 5 from Laura Ashley Valspar. Is there a blue/grey I can paint the bathroom that will look okay next to that strong green? I also considered a very faint blush pink, but the husband balked. Also, I don't have pink anywhere else in the house. Paint colors in the rest of the house: creams, yellows and blues and the color currently in this room, a tan with a strong undertone of gray. A lot of my rooms have at least a touch of red. The window: shutters or casual roman shades? This window and the bay window in the bedroom currently have white wood blinds. I'm definitely leaning towards the roman shades for the bedroom. What do you think of these taps? If you can give me guidance on any of these questions, especially the paint color, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Here are some pictures of Nichole's home to start with...

Lovely traditional home...

Guest room the bath forms a suite with (photo taken during the day)...

Guest bath entrance (photo taken at night ~ note the appearance of the paint color at night vs. the day)...

Shower curtain Nichole would like to keep...

Vanity and mirror in question (above and below)....

Here are some things Nichole has selected to complete her guest bath...

Contemporary faucet, which I like...

Lighting awaiting inspiration (I'm pretty sure you purchased an over mirror light but I am going to recommend you exchange it for two of the above, which I really like ~ I like everything in this collection)...

Cards Nichole intends to frame and use in the space ~ I love these.....

A rug / runner. I must be honest, I do not like this piece. Nichole you mentioned you can return it. I would as I think it is too large and the wrong color.

Here is what I recommend...
First, I agree that the vanity is in good shape and that a fresh coat of white paint is just the ticket. I do like the faucet you selected but it is on the contemporary side with a more traditional vanity. You can marry the two by using plain white Silestone ~ White Zeus.
I like this better than the white with gray veining for two reasons ~ it is a more contemporary look and it will be easier to change out accessories and paint as you continue to live in your home. I would add an undermount sink ~ all in one ~ with the same material for consistency.

The lighting and mirror I show above it the best way to illuminate one's face. Sconces should be placed with the light at eye level. This decreases shadows on the face, which can alter the way you appear (e.g. casts a shadow mimicking dark circles when none are there). I like the mirror in the same Restoration Hardware Collection (I used the 24 x 36 in my drawing)...

I would also recommend a couple from Global Views as I do not like things to be matchy, matchy...

Ada's large square mirror...

The large Wavy Mirror.

Window treatments ~ if you have a stellar fabricator for fabric woven shades or are purchasing from a reputable manufacturer then I like the idea. If not, woven woods would be better. Why? Ease of use and they are current. I have seen fabric Roman shades that are difficult to use ~ not so with woven wood. In the bathroom, select a Sunbrella fabric or another outdoor brand if doing fabric shades as it will hold up better with the steam typically in a bathroom.

Paint color ~ ahhhh ~ that is a good question. Since this bath is part of a guest suite, the bath should relate well with the guest bedroom. You make note of this when you say the shower curtain coordinates with the comforter. I actually like the idea of a pale pink blush as it would compliment the strong green and textiles you already have. I understand why your husband my veto it though. Here is what I believe is the green in your room...

It is Valspar Apple XXXX4. It is a lovely color in the green~yellow range. The cards you have purchased to place in the space seem to include a close match to this. You may select a light blue from the cards to coordinate the two hues. My concern with that is that the cards are small and may not be enough to tie the two rooms together without purchasing or creating additional furnishings. I actually do not think a blue~gray will work well. I placed several next to the green you have it it just didn't look right. It may be that you are trying to add a color that you like but doesn't relate to what you have. I understand this but it is best left to bring it in accessories versus paint. I like to use a lighter tint of the bedroom color in the attached bath. I would simply add 25% white to the color above for the bath or select a neutral right from the shower curtain. Then add color with accessories.

I hope this helps Nichole! Let me know how it goes.

If you have a question about this or another topic, leave me a comment. If you would like advice about something specific to your space, send me a couple of pictures at paula@paulagracedesigns.com.

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  1. Your suggestions are great! I also like those little bird prints!

  2. Thanks Paula for the great suggestions. We had been too scared about the wall behind the mirror to remove it. But your illustration showed how nice it will look and we have to do it. Love the paint color idea and thanks for getting me off the blue/gray train!

  3. Love your suggestions for Nichole's bathroom! I hope she'll show us how it looks when she gets it all done.

  4. I really like the mirror suggestions. The middle option is just lovely! I also really like the paint suggestion-- so smart! I think this will be a great bathroom update. Thanks for the very helpful information, Paula!

  5. Paula, I always enjoy reading your response to the decorating dilemmas. Adding white and going a couple of shades lighter is the answer we all wish we had thought of, but so often forget!


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