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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silver, silver....

I know gold is coming back. I love gold. But I also love silver. I love diamonds too but that is another story. I decided to search for silver items that I really like. Found them. I can see using these tiles from Metal Stainless Steel Tiles.....

I have a couple of kitchen projects coming up. These would make wonderful backsplashes. I also love silver (aluminum) vases and sculptors (at the top). These are from Bard International...

I really like the shape of the left ones and the texture of the one on the right...

The one on the right, I have in my home; I just placed the ones on the left in a client's powder room. Again, the texture and shapes really stand out to me. I have a theme of diamonds (go figure ~ I like diamonds of any kind) in my living room so the vases add to the unity.

There they are on top of the cabinet.

A few more. This time from Palecek....

I also have the bottom two in my home...
I have three of them on top of my china cabinet...

That's the floor vase with yucca sticks in my family room.

Wow, I guess I really do like silver. I think it is versatile and can be warmed up by placing it with warm woods and hues.

Here is the answer to the age old question (in my opinion)... can you mix metals? Can one have both silver and gold tones in one room? Yes!

What do you think... silver OR gold or can you mix it up?


  1. Very sleek and beautiful! Silver is stunning and classic. I really like some of the pieces you show, especially the large vase filled with yukka sticks. The contrasts of the natural colored sticks and silver is wonderful and one of my favorites. I happily mix metals as long as the room and colors in the room can handle it. A deep and antiqued copper is lovely with silver, I believe.

    You have a very, very lovely home. It looks interesting and inviting. Sometimes I come across pictures of a home and think "Oh, this is the type of home I would love to actually see" - yours makes me think just that!

  2. Definitely think silver and gold can be mixed! Of course it goes without saying that it depends on what is going on in the rest of the room---a neutral backdrop would help...

    And I LOVE those hex tiles! how stunning would those look in a super glam powder room? Or as a backsplash like you said! Great finds!

  3. Thank you Sarah for your comment. Very thoughtful and kind. The yuccas are popular when folks come over. The other day when someone was looking at them, she said, "are the pink dice your addition or Lauren's?" Lauren had thrown her 5 oversized pink dice in the vase - funny girl. She like to add pink to everything.

  4. Anne, Yes, I can see those hex in a glam 40s powder room. I hope my project calls for the use of these tiles! We'll see.

  5. I've featured gold and silver together, and the end product looks amazing. The thing to note is that gold is a "heavier" color than silver. So the trick is to use silver to feature gold, instead of as partners.


  6. I adore the paillette looking tile!


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