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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere ~

I thought we would deviate for a day from balance and look at some different options for displaying photographs or art work. I always receive informational emails on products ~ lately I have receiving them on display systems and decided to take a look. I found some very interesting ones that I am considering.

I found a couple of companies that offer mechanism to hang art from cables (Nova Display, Inc. & AS Hanging Systems). Suspension systems. I really like the idea as art and photos may be changed out easily and the industrial look appeals to me. Plus varying sizes may be hung together. I particularly enjoy the last system display. This system allows you to layer them and a similar system they offer allows one to move the pictures, rearrange them ~ swing them. Now that keeps things interesting.

Of course, if something simpler is up your alley, there is the Picturewall® Company Inc. These are systems that create an organized appearance with ease. What is framed matters when trying to keep the arrangement cohesive. I have found it looks the best to stick to all black & white photos or color ones and to keep the frames simple. The frame should be the same frame in one or two finishes ~ the sizes may vary. This will allow the art or photos to be the story.

I really like the options West Elm and Michael's have. They are affordable and lovely. I am a sucker for a little black dress AND the timeless, little black frame. I have used the ones at Michael's countless times.

They always have two sales a year on their black frames and I stock up! They comes in so many sizes ~ it is easy to create your own wall of art. If you need a little help, they sell that too!

West Elm has many lovely shelves to place photos and art on ~ what a clean look!

I love placing a wall of family photos in a family or living room. I have one of my daughter in my family room.

Yes, those frame are from Michael's!

I have had many framing projects over the years but this one takes the cake. I have clients that worked at NASA. They have wonderful memorabilia from their work there in the form of patches and intricate coins. They also have many college degrees and certifications between them. I asked them to get them all out for me ~ "we're finding them as home" ~ as clearly they were very special to them. I have the perfect place too! Their study. I enjoyed putting this together. It was like a very personal puzzle. First grouping and arranging the patches and coins. I wanted the frames to be the same size and very simple as the contents would be a fabulous story. Then I designed the wall arrangement. I used AutoCAD. This allowed me to give the drawing to my installers showing exact placement measurements to hang them. I laid them out for him....

Gave him the drawings and.....

We are still working on the room and accessorizing but the picture project is done. Whew!

What ever system you decide on is just fine as long as it is not 'take the hammer and nails to the wall with no planning' system. Seriously, a little planning will go a long way ~ graph paper is your friend.

Do you have art or picture walls you'd like to show?

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