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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do I Know You From Somewhere?

Internet dating. It's all the rage. I came across a few couples that have recently met. They seem to compliment each other. For the record, none of them are married, engaged, or otherwise in a committed relationship. They are simply mingling to see if they are a good fit.....

These two look quite hot together...

"You're a butterfly, I'm a butterfly... what else is there?"

"I know you're all mod and I'm all natural but opposites DO attract."

"How chic are we?"

Sophisticate meets his delicate match...

The squares have it....

"You're so pretty." "You're so sleek."

"Why are you looking away from me? Shy? I think you're sweet."

Leather and 'lace'...

This one is playing hard to get but they look so perfect together...

Match made in heaven...

Let me know what you think? Should they stay together or pair up with another?

Main photos from Baker Furniture, Palecek, Hickory Chair, and Ryan Pillows


  1. thank you Paula for stopping by my blog, and for your lovely comments! your blog is awesome! xo

  2. haha! Oh, too cute! Love all the pairings you put together--you are a very good match maker!

  3. Oh, very nice pairings! My favorite one is actually the last. Such a soothing couple :)

  4. Hilarious introduction - I love it! Some lovely couples, indeed. I think mister mod and miss natural have a good chance of being a match made in heaven :) Could you imagine what their children would look like?

    I do wonder about the butterfly couple, they seem almost too ideal, no? *wonderful pairs, nevertheless~ very fun post!

  5. Okay love the orange chair. Where is it from? Kristin

  6. Hi Kristin,
    The orange chair was a vintage chair from redmodernfurniture.com but it has been sold. :(

  7. Caroline from Patagonia,
    You're welcome. BTW ~ I fell in love with a leather and silver bracelet I saw on another blog from your store. Gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog ~ that is how we support each other!

  8. Sarah,
    Yes, they are too ideal but their narcissism is being fulfilled :)


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