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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Radial Balance ~

Here is radial balance on a grand scale. Radial balance ~ a state of balance based on a circle.

When I lead group therapy, the design of the chairs was based on radial balance....

For the record, I am not in the picture. This is a stock photo to illustrate the point. Radial balance allows people to speak directly to each other with ease.....

Many dining rooms are based on radial balance......

Whether they are large or small dining rooms, there is no question that radial balance provides all with a fabulous seat at the table. Conversation flows easily.

Radial balance allows us to see a show, concert, or sporting event from all sides....

Here are some conversation areas that appear to be based on radial balance.

Some of these have other forms of balance but it appears the art of conversation was at the fore when these rooms were designs. That is what makes radial balance so wonderful and intimate ~ the art of conversation or enjoying the fantastic sight.

For more designs ~ visit Andrew Skurman's website. He is an architect that has mastered the art of radial balance.... his work is breathtaking.

Here is my recommended reading again for additional information ~


  1. Very interesting post. I have never thought about it like that!

    <3 Lindsay

  2. these are such beautiful decor inspiration pictures!! I really like the formal round tables..very pretty.


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