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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Susan ~

I adore this lamp. I am going to place these in my daughter's room. She loves pink, I love jewels ~ here is a perfect match.

Lazy Susan is a new account of mine. In my area the houses tend to be on the larger size. I have many clients that move from smaller homes into larger ones. Usually they have to furnish rooms they never had and/or add to the furnishing they do have. This could mean several items need to be purchased to complete the home. Sound expensive? Well, it can be unless quality products are found with a great price point. So, I went in search of..... Lazy Susan fills that need for accessories. Beautiful items, great quality, excellent price point. Happy, happy, happy!

Lazy Susan specializes in accessories of all types ~ vases, candle holders, trays, accent lighting and tables, picture frames, hand blown glass, boxes, finials, jars ~ all sorts of items that help define a room. In my opinion, rooms are not complete without their accessories. They are like the perfect diamond earrings to go with the little black dress; the Gucci shoes that complete the outfit; the twist of lemon in the Cosmopolitan.....

These are a sampling of items available through The Beautiful Home Store.

I know where I am doing my Christmas shopping this year.....

Facebook and Twitter friends ~ take a look for your 'Gem.'


  1. You've only been looking for a pink lamp for a year now. Love their stuff! Kristin

  2. I bet your daughter will be so happy! The ultimate girly lamp :) I also like many of the items that you show, such as the 2 vases in the first row. They're amazing!


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