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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ode to Kristin ~ With an 'i' not an 'e'

No, this is not another pillow craze blog. This pillow is an association. I associate this pillow with my dear friend and colleague, Kristin Drohan. Never heard of her? You will. She has her own line of furniture coming out ~ a green line of furniture at that. You may have seen her on her own website and blog, Boulevard Interior Design...

Why do I associate this pillow with Kristin? For starters, she loves black, cream, and red ~ red is her favorite color. She also loves blue but her blue is a different tint than on this pillow. Then there is "Paris." She loves Paris. She has studied design there and recently visited again...

This is one of Kristin's rooms.... before
The room and pillows are fabulous... but I can see the one at the top fitting in nicely.

Maybe you saw this picture....

I had to smile the first time I saw this picture. I have been in Kristin's studio many, many times. Usually, there are swatches of beautiful fabrics laid out in lovely combinations. She does it for fun ~ just to see them together. There are some on her bulletin board if you look carefully.

Why am I writing an "Ode to Kristin?" Because my dear friend is moving away next week and I am going to miss her terribly. Kristin is the type of friend I can call when I need to ask a silly question or to get an opinion. She does the same with me. I guess that is trust; a very important factor is any relationship. The thing is, we may call each other for a quick question and end the conversation and hour later off on some tangent that was interesting and relevant. Maybe not relevant to the original question but to life in some manner. It was Kristin that I called late one night to say, "I have made a horrible mistake... my house is half painted and I hate the color... HELP!" I didn't follow any of the cardinal rules I always follow with my client's homes ~ UGH! She came over first thing the next morning and gave the ok on one palette I selected after my phone call to her ~ I was calmer then ~ and I actually know how to do it ~ but she selected my blues. I did not have enough energy to select blues the night before. There we were running around my house with my painter (and his crew) watching us trying not to pull out his hair ~ or mine for that matter....

I know I will see Kristin because we'll visit and we go to Markets together.....
I stole this off her site... Kristin took a picture of the interesting Show Building in High Point. That is me in the red, white, and blue outfit looking at Show standing with our friend Karen Dunlap ~ another wonderful designer.

Fun things always happen when Kristin and I go to Market. I will never forget the day we went into a certain new showroom (new to us) to preview some items for clients. Kristin is very attractive, and, well I am no slouch. We were also with our friend Lori ~ also quite a looker. The reps in the showroom were very happy to see us. A bit too happy perhaps. More and more reps came to help us ~ all men. I have never received service with a smile quite like that before. You would have thought that they had never seen attractive women. I am quite sure it was Kristin that was the ringer though. When I called my rep, who I had met that visit, a few weeks later to place an order, I explained that I met him at Market ~ he did not recall me by name. "What products did I show you?" he asked. I told him. He still couldn't place me... finally I said, "I was one of the three rockin' babes." Seriously, I said that. Ding, ding, ding... "Awwwwwwww, yes.... how may I help you?" ~ once again, service with a smile... to this day!

And then there are the martinis. Her 'famous' grapefruit martini recipe is on her blog... she has actually published a recipe book on martinis. Ok, so it was a thing she did for a party favor ~ a fantastic party at her home ~ but never the less ~ it is my new favorite martini handbook. I had a going away party for her ~ the Design Divas. You may have read previouly on my blog about a particular group of my friends ~ The Design Divas ~ Kristin is part of that group. I served her favorite foods and grapefruit martinis. Lovely evening.

Yes, she's the type of friend I'll rearrange my precious schedule for when I think she needs me ~ even if she doesn't ask. That's what people do for the ones they love.

I'll miss her.

Now she's going to have to get her own wallpaper books and I'm going to have to get my own broadloom samples... carpeting will never be the same again.......


  1. just checked out her site, fab!! where do I get that pillow?
    stop by my blog for some fun giveaways!

  2. You're too kind. Seriously, where is the pillow from? I'm swooning. Check out my response on my blog. Kristin

  3. I read your blog and commented but had to stop looking... it was too painful. I knew you would like this pillow. It is from Pierr Dauxx http://pierrdauxx.com/.... see http://paulagracedesigns.blogspot.com/2009/07/pillow-craze.html. They have a lot of great stuff. I'll email you more info!


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