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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Radial Balance ~ Fantastic Example!

Ok, so I was looking though some photos that I saved because they really stood out to me for one reason or another. I forgot I saved this one ~ this is an excellent example of radial balance.

I found this photo on Katie Denham's blog ~ Katiedid ~ a blog that I adore. I remember thinking when I saw the photo "what excellent radial balance." One would think I would remember it when I did the post, but no. Glad I was going through that folder! This room was done by Jay Jeffers for the Modern by Design Showhouse (2009).

As in great radial balance, the art of conversation is taken to a new level.


  1. The carpet is fabulous...adore the hint of yellow accent! reminds me of great Italian tiles~

  2. Yes, it does! This is a stunning room. I love the details. The bookcase tucked in is precious.

  3. You have such a fantastic blog! You make me think "why" and "how" about certain aesthetic choices I make and preferences I have. I can't get enough~

  4. Hi Paula!
    Thanks so much for the shout out! Much appreciated. A friend was reading your blog and alerted me to this blog post. ( I was on vacation and out of the loop.)You are so kind!


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