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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Friday ~ Yoga

In this episode of Fun Friday, we practice a very comforting yoga position to cleanse our minds and prepare ourselves for a wonderful weekend.


Take a deep breath and let's all put our foot to our chest.....

Bring your foot back to the floor and exhale.....

All relaxed and happy? Great!

Have a wonderful weekend ~

Chests compliments of Currey & Co. and The Platt Collections. Shoes compliments of Shop Style.


  1. Hahaha! What a clever and funny post. It definitely made my morning. What could be better....shoes and furniture!

  2. OOoo! I was relaxed, and then, I laid eyes upon the second set - now I'm having heart palpitations. Deep bronze in all its beauty.


  3. Yes Katie ~ I have a secret shoe and a secret chest obsession... I am basically obsessed. A beautiful chest can add so much to a space and a beautiful shoe can make the outfit...

    Sarah ~ Bronze ~ I know. It is just unusual enough to be striking when it is done well. I love, love, love that bronze chest. I went in search of the perfect shoe to accompanying it.


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