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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Faux Iron

Have you ever seen faux wrought iron? It can be very beautiful. I have used it in moderation but have not had the chance to use it as a ceiling application. There, I think it is spectacular. These photos are from Faux Iron Solutions ~ my vendor for such things. Their website has other application pictures but these I find to be stunning.

I am not crazy about the dense design in the arched transom. I would prefer more negative space to let the light in but I do love the idea. I think the contrast in a ceiling applications are lovely. Too much of a good thing in some of the photos.... but individually, each use is beautiful. This is also a LEEDs qualified product as it is made from recycled material. Just think of what you could do with this... where you will be able to place since since it weighs almost nothing BUT looks like authentic wrought iron. It comes in many designs and finishes plus one may design their own. It also can be made fire resistant ~ that is a plus as I used it to hide under cabinet lighting over a stove top (excuse the picture... me and my little Canon)....

And yes, that is glass subway tile ~ go figure ~ glass tile in one of my rooms!

What applications can you see using faux iron in?


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