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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Corset is Coming ~

Its amazing how much fashion influences interior design. Above are Spring 2010 corset designs that are gracing runways as I type.

Look at this lovely design. This could be found on the back of a wedding dress much like the one above but its not.....

Its found on a drape. This is a tie back. I usually don't use tie backs but this series may change my mind.

This fantastic series is called the Corseted Tieback from the Details Pattern Company. Of course it is! Their company names says it all. This is definitely a fine detail not to be overlooked.

Corsets can be very sexy.....

How about one made of leather ~ its not even tied ~ now that is flirtatious!

They can do wonderful things for your torso ~ elongate for example.....

Look at how this wraps around, cinches, and elongates ever so gracefully.....

I find these tie backs to be completely sensual. I originally thought 'how wonderful they would be in a feminine design?' Then I thought 'what man wouldn't want his drapes to look like a sexy woman greeting him at the window every night when he comes home?' Hmmm??!!


Source of photos: InStyle.com (Bottega Veneta, Isaac Mizrahi, Dolce & Gabbana, Priscilla of Boston)


  1. I hadn't heard about this trend. Very interesting! I'd rather have a corset on my curtains than on _me_, that's for sure! ;-)

  2. I love that idea! I'm so using it my master bedroom in my dream house. My goal is to make it a romantic retreat and I think that detail will do the trick nicely. P.S. I came over from hooked on houses, I've visited a couple of times but this is my first comment

  3. Welcome Val! Thanks for coming over from Hooked on Houses and for your first comment. I hope to see many more to follow. Loved your blog ~ I'm going to try the recipes.

  4. Oh, beautiful! I have secretly always wanted to try one on! They're so girly and pretty -- a nice touch on the curtain, also! I can see a beautiful dressing room framed in these curtains.

  5. What a beautiful idea for a tieback. I think in a dining room done like the first picture could be stunning!


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