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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thom Filicia

In getting ready for High Point Market ~ in tandem with my gal, Kristin ~ I was thinking about her post with the picture of Thom Filicia.
There's Kristin with Thom ~ I took the picture. He was the nicest man. Full of hugs and kisses ~ happy to be there, grateful to be there, humble. Never underestimate the power of humility.

Thom is featured in House Beautiful:

"Designer and Style Network host Thom Filicia creates a show house apartment, inspired by the movie The Big Chill, as part of this year's Designer Visions: Cinema Style"

I perused his work. Humble and talented. Take a look and see for yourself....
He has a special touch with contrast, shape, and form. The lines and color of this chair are wonderful against the textured neutral wall covering.
Again, love the color of the leather against the dark cabinets.
Orange and hot pink! Lauren look at this!
Self explanatory with shape and form ~ superb.
Details, details.... its all about the details.....
Clean, crisp ~ a touch of the old with the chair. Lovely juxtaposition.
Sumptuous symmetry.
Love the lines and the contrast of the wood tone of the dresser with the walls. Adds a touch of warmth.
How cool is this??!
I would love to spend a warm, sunny day here. Why is it that as I continue, I start to fantasize? It just brings me there.
Symmetry done with a casual hand. Wonderful!

I hope he's at Market again. This time, Kristin will take the picture!

(P.S. I wrote this post before I left for Market. When it posts, I'll be there getting ready to return home with wonderful pictures from show rooms and people to share with you!)


  1. Lucky girls. Thom's style always knocks me out. Glad to know he is as nice as he is talented and funny.

  2. I am so jealous, I love Thom... I really need to go to High Point next year!

  3. Oh yes, I loved this space in the magazine! I posted on his grasscloth walls, which I'm now dying to do!


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