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Thursday, October 15, 2009

CharityWorks' Green Designer Show House ~ Part III

As promised, today we venture upstairs in the CharityWorks' Green Designer Show House. Click here to see all my posts on this amazing show house.

The first bedroom belongs to Charlotte Lekakos of Willard and Palmer.
This bedroom is completely lovely. Soft grays and yellows are a match made in heaven. The symmetry is wonderful.
The dresser adds storage of course but also contributes texture and dimension. The mirror reflects back the beautiful canopy bed.

An incredible detail ~ Charlotte used bamboo to construct shadow boxes. This ingenious detail alone adds contrast, texture, and dimension to the soft palette.

Michael Roberson rose to the occasion with her attractive master bedroom design.
The simple bedding is offset with the stunning 19th-century Chinese red lacquered cabinets.
These built-ins are an excellent use of space.
Cozy corner to curl up and read a good book.
I love desks at windows. They are dual purpose ~ writing desk and vanity. Lovely.

Annette Hannon contributes to the top floor with this little number.....
My daughter would love this (I love it too). Lauren would love playing house and decorating all of her shelves with personal trinkets. This room is a delight.
Annette was very clever with storage in this small room. Wonderful job.

Sandra Meyers completes the top floor with this alluring guest room.
The details are impeccable.
I adore this view.
The side table has such great shape and form.
I used this picture in a previous blog to illustrate the fine detail of leaving a journal next to one's bed to jot down ideas as they come to mind. If I didn't jot, half of my ideas would be forgotten.
Love the tile in the guest bath. Extending it on the vanity wall is brilliant. Such a clean, crisp look.

And there you have the top floor. Tomorrow ~ the lower level and backyard oasis.

Stay tuned...

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  1. The first bedroom is so familiar to me as is the guest room. They have the look and feel of the rooms in the home where I grew up. So comfortable and wonderfully designed. I personally do not care for the rug in the first room .. but hey that's me. Maybe when I see it in person it will be different. These bedrooms just get me to realize how wonderful of a designer and artist my Mom really was. Wonderful blog. Thanks again Paula for sharing.
    - The other Paula


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