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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peyton Home ~

I had the pleasure of visiting Peyton Home. These gals got it going on! Seriously, they are a designer's dream. Why? I'll tell you....

First there is Deborah Peyton Sottak (seated in chair) and Gabrielle Hart (standing) ~ the ladies behind the business. That's my friend Karen with the water bottle. One could feel the love almost instantaneously. Say what? What I mean is, the love for what they do and that goes a long way.

Deb is a former psychiatric social worker (as am I) so there was a natural fit. We spoke about the old times for a few minutes. It was great that we spoke the same language (sometimes I miss my psychobabble). What Deb's background brings to the table for me is the innate ability to listen and interpret one's needs and a commitment to fulfill them. She is also a very good business woman with a fabulous sense of style. Deb also possesses a competence to establish strong relationships with her suppliers (can somebody give me a Hallelujah!).

Gaby brings to the table her furniture knowledge ~ rather intimate knowledge. She is a finisher. What the heck is that? Her background is an artistic one of refinishing furniture. Not just stripping and simple staining procedures ~ oh nooooo! ~ I mean carefully creating a unique look to individualize your piece from another. We were looking at one of the pieces in the showroom. Gaby reviewed the multi-layers that she specified to achieve the look. There were at least five. Not just the materials used but the techniques used as well. Picky, picky. And that IS what a designer wants in a vendor.

Can they customize? Of course. Can they built my designs to spec? Sure! Is it at a good price point? Yup.


What do they have? Indoor and outdoor furniture. Here are a few shots I took at their current cramped location ~ they are moving as I type (see their new space below).

Contemporary and comfortable outdoor furniture.

I love this accent table with the two tone striae.

Lovely Asian influenced chests.

This chair is a beautiful leather weave.

Bedrooms for children and adults. The beds are very well made. The back of the headboards are finished so the bed can float in the room.

Great style. Black and white ~ a classic combination.

They have traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.

And the finish selection is grand!

Are they well constructed? Yes. Do they have a long lead-time? Not if it is in stock. If it is a customized piece, then the lead-time can be 12-16 weeks (good things come to those that wait).

If you are a designer reading this, you need to look at and speak with them. If you are in the Baltimore, MD area, call them. They'll be happy to meet with you.

If you are an end user, tell your designer to look into them.

Peruse their site for better pictures than mine.

Here is a video of their new space.... Movin' on up!


  1. Nice! I adore the square outdoor chair :)

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  2. Really enjoyed the video, so much easier to understand these things when you can see the moving images!

  3. Paula, Peyton Home is a great addition to your product portfolio - you and your clients will be very pleased selecting Peyton Home furnishings. Your talent combined with Debbie & Gabrielle will produce amazing results! Keep up the outstanding work!



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