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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Gorgeous, aren't they?!

I recently read on Young House Love all about anti-bacterial soap and its harm to the environment ~ not to mention that it is really unnecessary if hands are properly washed with regular soap and water. That led me to think about all my lotions and potions that I use daily. Are they bad for the environment... for me?? With the anti-bacterial soap, it may be harmful as we all need certain 'good' bacteria to take care of some of the 'bad' ones. This is true in the environment too. The soap though does not discriminate ~ it kills them all. Hmmmm??!

Stroke of luck on the lotions and potions thought, a newsletter that I subscribe to covered this very issue. Take a look at The Daily Green's story on it. I found it enlightening. Products that claim to be organic may not be. Here's an important symbol to look for if organic is what you are after.
What is basically means ~

"USDA Organic certified
Through the National Organic Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates food ingredients found in cosmetics, and the Certified USDA Organic symbol is one of the most trustworthy labels around, especially on foods. But because the USDA only has jurisdiction over farm-raised ingredients, not all beauty product ingredients are regulated under this program, and there are more than enough ways to get confused."

The Daily Green goes on to give tips on what to look for to lessen the confusion. Its a good read.

Question ~ Do we spend too much energy on cosmetics to make us youthful, pretty, alluring while negating the long term harmful effects they could have??


  1. I've been reading a lot about the benefits of using organic makeup. The magazine called Natural Health periodically reviews what makeup products are the most healthy for you. I recently tried the Origins line at Macy's and like it a lot. The organic Physician's Formula at the grocery stores is not so great. The foundation and blush both wear off quick.

  2. Due to my mother's breast cancer, she was told to use strictly organic toiletries. Because of this, I learned to make handmade milk soaps for her. Since then, I've learned all manner of tricks of the trade for skin care using raw ingredients, and how to make my own make ups with micas. I stick mainly to the soap these days, though, as I'm not a big makeup wearing gal. Nothing like starting the day with essential oil scented goatsmilk soap I made with my own two hands. :O)

  3. Wow, Cindy that's important. I'm checking out your site right now.


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