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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall High Point Market ~ Part I

Markets... what a wonderful concept. Bring together many beautiful furnishings in one location so people that crave and make a business out of them can see. Don't get me wrong, there were things there that I would likely never use, but I tend to put energy in to things that are lovely to me and just stare for a moment with a perplexed look at the rest.

There were definite trends at Fall High Point Market. Color was one....
There was a preponderance of showrooms that had several neutrals mixed together. Browns, tans, grays, off-whites, etc. This appears to be related to people purchasing with an eye less towards the trends, and more towards the classics. A 'trend' after my own heart! This has always made sense to me ~ place neutrals on larger pieces of classically shaped furnishings such that it is timeless. For example ~ on sofas, sectional, headboards, drapery, etc.... It will never go out of style. Consider these furnishings an investment and set your design budget accordingly if replacing items. Make sure they are comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly for your own welfare. Longevity is an aspect of green design; not needing to replace furnishings with the trends or simply reupholstering when the fabric finally gives way, repurposing to another room ~ if the bones are good, a piece can last many lifetimes. With that said, trend colors can still be in your home in the form of smaller items ~ pillows, accessories ~ that can easily be stored when the trend has passed for future use. Color trends tend to resurface so no need to dispose of trendy accessories.

Hickory Chair is a good example of this color trend.....

This color trend didn't stop at the large furnishings though. It made its way onto smaller or more trendy styles ~ the thing about trendy is its usually fun. These are good examples of that.....
Halo Style ~ how fun would these be in a teenagers room or a sun room for that matter...
Haute House (obviously)
Haute House ~ digital printing is all the rage. I do not think I would have it on a sofa unless my client absolutely adored it. However, I love it on pillows and these small ottomans.
Luna Bella
Luna Bella ~ how fun are these little fluff stools?!! This showroom also has fantastic lighting. I will cover that in another post.

This palette wasn't just for upholstery either. It has been making its way onto case goods (its been popular in Europe for some time now) and on more accessories.....
J. Douglas (Worlds Away and Lazy Susan)

Another color trend was gray and orange.....
This was very apparent in Global Views.....

And also in J. Douglas ~ Aidan Gray.....

Another color trend, lesser so than the others but still apparent was the blues. These shots are from Palecek. I could have shot more photos there as they had navy blue upholstery too. I think I was tired by then.....

There you have it. The color trends seen this Market. I am actually loving them! They are right up my alley. Are they good for you too or would you prefer to see other colors in vogue?

Stay tuned for more on Fall High Point Market including the shameless name dropping post :-)

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  1. What a feast for the eye! Looks like a trip full of wonderful finds and ideas.

  2. Hi Paula! Oh, what glorious goods! I would have loved to have gone there! Did you buy anything for yourself? I love that chesterfield style sofa and the precious chair with the beach gal pillow!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Not this time Sheila! I have bought plenty in the past for myself ~ It is sooooo fun :) Thanks for the comment.

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Those stools are crazy looking, but I think they would add a fun punch to a room. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I love that gray is coming back so strong. In my very first post-college apartment I splurged on gray and white bedding that would look terrific today. I really should have held on to it.

  6. It may just be the season but I'm loving the orange.


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