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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Barclay Butera's Thoughts

Barclay Butera spoke at the Washington Design Center (WDC). He was speaking about what interior designers need to be thinking about in this new economy. He also showed us some photos of his work.

Here's his message to designers in our new world.....

It all makes sense. Make sure you highlight what you can bring to the table ~ what made you a success in the first place. Folks are nesting more. They do want to feel safe in their homes, their havens. Great customer service always prevails. Sure, no one wants Eeyore do do their home.

He also told us stories about some of his clients. He showed pictures of a lovely hotel he did. What I really want to know is how did he get his hotel client to raise their budget from $6,000,000 to $27,000,000? If I had clients like that, I'd have positive energy to spare!

He is such a California boy! And my hair looks like it needs a comb. In my defense, I was running all day. First, I ran to the WDC to hang with Barclay, then ran to hang with a tall, handsome mystery man, then on to U2 that night.

Sorry ladies and gents ~ you'll have to wait and see who the mystery man is :-)

Seriously, how do you think Barclay was able to increase the budget that much?? He didn't say.

1 comment:

  1. Love his work. I hope that is a spray tan he's working or the dude is looking at some serious skin cancer in his future. I comment from experience.


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