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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Friday ~ U2: 1987 - 2009

You know music is my thing. Well, I had the pleasure of seeing U2 ~ again. The first time I saw them is not the ticket at the top. That was the second time. I am not a nu-bee fan. I am a lifetime fan.

Here is U2 in 1987.....

It was The Joshua Tree tour.....

The Edge.....
In Dublin.....
Bono rocks!

In 1987, they made the cover of Rolling Stone and Time ~ quite a diverse readership. They've graced the cover of hundreds of magazines.

You all have heard of Bono's charity work... his war against poverty and devotion to democracy. He spoke about it again Wednesday night at Fed Ex Field. He reported of the politicians in the audience that night. We even had a Cardinal. No, not a baseball player, the religious type.

Here are some photos from my Blackberry February 29, 2009....

The stage was amazing. The technology used truly enhanced the show.....

There was a gentleman in the audience of Middle Eastern decent waving an American flag. Bono invited him on stage to sing with him.

The size of the crowd was awesome. At times, all singing together or waving their arms ~ breathtaking.

They sang many old songs ~ some of the same from 1987. This is not our play list but it is close.

This disco ball and all else is the set we had too. It was quite a sight. They did not perform Pride ~ I wanted them too. They did perform my favorite U2 song ~ Mysterious Ways. That song resonates with me.

Here they are in the beginning.....

Along the way.....


Still rockin'!

Here is a video of my favorite song in the current day stage ~ a far cry from 1987.....

Oh, do you want to see some pictures of me in 1987? Ok then, here you go.....

I was quite the hard rockin' babe ~ don't you think? ;-)

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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow .. looks like it was a great concert. You can't beat the old rock and roll bands! Those are pictures of Lauren .. not you ... right? If that is you .. that is absolutely incredible. I had no idea. I did not realize she was a clone of you!!!
    - Paula

  2. I love U2, best band ever! I am going to see them Tuesday in Atlanta and here in Houston the following Wednesday. I have never missed a concert. Thanks for the post, getting me even more excited!

  3. So cute! Oh my goodness!

    U-2 is awesome -- I am appreciating their music more and more! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Paula Grace!

  4. Good for you. Saw them in the Georgia Dome, the very first concert there. Did it on a whim, decided in the afternoon, bought a ticket from scalper. No regrets. U2 get the job done.

  5. Love U2, certain songs take me back to a certain time and place in the past - love that! Glad you had fun...listen to Vertigo on my ipod all the time and my kids love it too( ages 6,9,11)!

  6. Mysterious Ways is one of my fav's as well...I was bummed they didn't play it this time around. We saw them in Chicago at Soldier Field for the kickoff of the North American leg of 360. AMAZING. I'm kicking myself for not getting tickets to the Atlanta show tomorrow night!!


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