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Monday, August 31, 2009

How does a Coke bottle turn into Fabric?

Kravet just filled us in on how they create 100% green fabric ~ recycled polyester fabric. Its pretty amazing.

Chapter One

First they gather "diet coke bottles." I wonder if it really has to be diet coke bottles ~ maybe they want the fabric to be light weight....

Chapter Two

Next they break it down. Do you think they play rap music while doing this? Hmmm?!

Chapter Three

Next, it becomes plastic threads. This look like something my daughter jumps it at her favorite game place ~ except a whole lot cleaner!

Chapter Four

Then there are the water bottles that are turned into yarns for weaving. See, they DO want it to be light weight!

Chapter Five

The story has such a happy ending.....

I have used this line of fabric many times in clients' homes. I also specified it for a green design published in the Washington Post Column ~ House Calls.


"The Kravet Green Collection is made of 100% recycled polyester. Our recycled polyester is a unique blend of post-industrial and post-consumer fibers. These fabrics are woven and treated with no additional chemicals. During the finishing process, water based products and environmentally approved dyes are used. After years of enjoyable use, these fabrics are recyclable."

I love sequels!


  1. I love how you showed the process. I of course love all things eco friendly too.

  2. This really is amazing. Is the fabric easy to clean? And is it soft to the touch?


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