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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Park Avenue Arts Festival

The Park Avenue Arts Festival is held every summer in Rochester, NY. Rochester is the fortunate home to several arts festivals throughout the summer months (Cornhill, Clothesline). I grew up in Rochester, NY. For several years, I did the majority of my Christmas shopping at these festivals.

I was in town this past weekend for my mom's birthday and the graduation party for the son of a dear friend. Luckily I was able to catch the Park Avenue Festival. This Rochester arts festival has a particular soft spot in my heart. Why? Because I lived in this area of town for almost 10 years. It is known as the "artsy" part of town with beautiful old houses carefully preserved or cut up into apartments with 'character.' I lived in the latter. Almost every year my friends and I would host a party for the festival. They were great times!

I have said previously on my blog that arts festivals are wonderful places to see and purchase quality art at reasonable prices. Artists that are working to make a name for themselves find their way to these festivals. I purchased photography from an artist at a similar fesitval and now he is in the big league. I should have my images appraised!

I was only able to see half of the festival as my daughter was with me. She enjoyed the art but she also had an eye for other things....

I was able to find a few artists that I will use in my work or support for heart felt reasons.

Ms. Thompson of Sheri's Crystal Designs has the loveliest small chandeliers. I can see using them in a little girl's room, a funky powder room, over a small table, as task lighting flanking a bed, or in a cozy reading nook. The possibilities are many....

That's my Lauren. She liked the pink one the best.

Here is Sheri's website again.

Mr. Kumkowski stole my heart. Not only does he have a fabulous name, he was very kind to my daughter. I love his metal art. I want this piece below in my home! Music ~ love it!

Wonderful words. Great detail. I know what I am getting Kristin for Christmas. Red martini ~ c'mon! No, no website :(

Drayton Glass Works ~ Jonathan Poirier. Yes, he has a website! The movie on the site is fun to watch. I heard him speaking with a gentleman about his education ~ he apprenticed for four years in Sweden. From his website ~ "Jonathan Poirier's creative style is indicative of the work of Transjo Hytta Glass, and is no longer taught outside of this factory in Southern Sweden." I really like his work....

Then there was Gary Caccamise...

How fun and bright for a child's room, a play room, or any really happy room...

And rounding out the group, Katie Shirley's Closet.....

My pictures of their jewelry did not turn out well. They have lovely hand made bracelets. Here are some photos from their website (the price shown does not reflect the price of all the pieces).

Katie Shirley's Closet is a philanthropist organization in the memory of Katie Ciardi. They select different agencies to donate the proceeds from their sales. They are currently project is Daystar....

Daystar ~ Where Love Shines:
Daystar is a daycare in Pittsford, NY for infants from up to three years old who live with serious illnesses and helps them reach their full potential.

Wow! That is that I call beautiful.

One never knows what treasures will be found at arts festivals.


  1. stunning chandeliers! your daughter looks so cute! thanks for your comments!

  2. This festival look like so much fun! That's what I love about summertime! I all the wonderful festivals and things to do outside. Thanks for sharing these. Your family is adorable! xoxo

  3. Love the chandys. Are they redone vintage or reproductions? They look vintage. It is a great way to be eco friendly with lighting choices if they are vintage. Love the red martin!!! Kristin

  4. Here's what Sheri's website says, "Welcome to Sheri's Crystal Designs where you will find a beautiful selection of custom~designed and refurbished chandeliers, pendant lighting, lamps, and wind chimes created from antique~to~new crystal prisms and lighting components." Sounds like it is both new and refurbished. I'm glad you like the red martini as you are getting it for Christmas :)

  5. How fun! Your daughter is super cute - I love how confident she is, it's so sweet to see.

    And that glassware by Jonathan Poirier is beyond incredible. Made my heart skip a beat at the colors and composition. Wow factor!


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