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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Granada Tiles

Granada Tiles is a company after my own heart. Not only do they have exquisite tiles, they are kind. They have a project called the Peace Project. Here's is how they describe it.....

"Granada Tiles launches Peace Project; collaborates with local artists

Why is a tile company talking about peace?
Because we, like you, are thinking about the world we live in and the role we play. We produce handmade tiles in Nicaragua and export them to the United States, Mexico and Canada. We care about our workers and our customers. We care about protecting and restoring the environment. We care about helping people express their creativity through tile.

Peace has many dimensions and can only be achieved when many people join their individual efforts (symbolized by 4” x 4” tiles) together creatively. We invite you to join us and the artists who have already contributed to this project. Artists receive 5% of each order, and another 5% is sent to the charity the artist designates."

Lovely! The tile at the top is a Peace Project tile designed by Susan Pinckney for Granada Tile. I would love to have these tiles in my powder room.

The company also boasts a beautiful new collection called the Echo Collection. Here is how they are made.....

"The Echo collection revitalizes an art form that developed in France in the mid-1800's and quickly spread around the world. Unlike ceramic tiles, which are usually glazed and fired, decorative cement tiles are made by first pouring a mixture of cement and color pigment into separate compartments in a metal mold (a sort of oversized cookie cutter). This first color layer is 1/8" thick. Next we add concrete and press the tile under 3,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. This upside down cake is left to cure, creating a remarkably strong and lustrous tile.

This process requires skill, practice, strength, and perfectionism. Granada Tiles employs and provides on-going training opportunities to fine craftsmen who take pride in producing beautiful and durable tiles."

They train too! How wonderful for the craftsmen and business savvy for them.

They have quite the range in their color palette.....

Look at these beauties.....

Here are some applications of their Echo Collection.....

The two pictures above are of the Pasadena Showcase House 2008.

Here are some historical installations in Granada, Nicaragua.....

These installations are in Paris.....

Generous use of these tiles are not for one afraid of color or pattern. They ceratinly can be used as accents with plain tile or as a simple border. Any use would absolutely add depth and dimension to a design.

Beauty with purpose. Love that!


  1. Kristin,

    I picked the black and white tile example just for you!

    Paula Grace ~

  2. And, I, of course love the black and white. I really like this look on the risers of stairs.

  3. Gorgeous collection of pictures! I love the history behind these tiles - they're so beautiful and authentic. When I was staying in the south of France, in the Chateau's foyer and throughout, there was a tile pattern of gray and deep terricotta tiles. SO lovely and comfortable on the feet - they stay so cool in those hot summer months! This is from my boyfriend's collection of images, taken on our trip:



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