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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Outdoor Kitchen

Kohler has a full array of information to offer the interior design enthusiast. One email they sent that caught my eye was on outdoor kitchens. I know that it has been raining a lot in parts of the country, not here luckily. I wanted to help those affected see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps considering an outdoor kitchen will be just the therapy needed.

I am not going to reprint the information here as you may read it directly from the source. Watch the video done by Brian Gluckstein at the end. It is short and good.

I also came across a blog I did not know before. Susan Serra does a blog devoted to kitchen design. It is very informational and fun.

There is much needed planning when completing an outdoor kitchen ~ location, weather, functioning and overall design. Kohler recommends that one receives professional help when undertaking this task. I agree. It will save money and heart ache in the long run and one will have exactly what is wanted and needed. Work with someone who specializes in outdoor kitchens or kitchens in general. Designers that specialize in kitchens are learning more and more about the outdoor ones due to their increasing popularity and products now available.

I must admit, almost anything tastes better to me when cooked on a grill so these pictures are actually making me hungry. Time for a snack!

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