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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All About the Line

How does this Jay Jeffers' room make you feel? Larger than life? Soaring? Energized? Soothed? I don't think that was by accident but rather by design. The colors are subdued, the furnishings are soft. So how is it that one feels those things when looking at this design?

I was introduced to this designer, Jay Jeffers, via another room that we'll look at. I think he use of lines is extraordinary. Lines, lines??? What?

Line is an element in interior design, as in one of the principles and elements, we have spoken about.

"Line ~ is used to create width and height, or the appearance of activity, movement, or flow. The psychological effect of line ranges from secure (horizontal line), free or expansive (vertical), action-oriented (angular) to soft and comforting (curved). The most pleasing effect will have a balanced mixture of lines with one taking the lead role. The dominant line will be chosen dependant upon what feeling or image you would like to portrait."

In the room above, I feel like I am soaring to new heights because the lines on the wall that continue on the ceiling immediately make my eye follow it. After I come down literally off the ceiling, I next notice the sectional with the angled pattern ~ it seems active, festive, and fun. Then the curves of the back enter in ~ soft, soothing. Geez, kind of sounds like something else (insert your own thought here!). Wow, all that from one picture?! I can't imagine what would happen if I was actually in the room.

Let's look at another room. You have seen this one before.....

Again, note the larger than life feeling. The distinct lines he uses guide your eyes up and then softens with the curves of the mural seeping out onto the wall from the loft. Brilliant! Note the radial balance in the furniture arrangement ~ perfect for conversation. Beneath it, a rug with angles suggesting activity ~ talking, laughing, having a wonderful time. I would love to attend a party in this room. This is a Showhouse room though ~ I hope it wasn't dismantled!

What about this room.....

I feel very safe and secure looking at it. His rhythm of horizontal lines make me feel this way. Calm, down to earth.

Here are a few more of his designs.....

Jay Jeffers uses lines very skillfully. Bravo!

Tell me how the use of lines in these designs make you feel.

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  1. Lovely room. The first and third are a little bit cold to me - kind of like a staged home rather than one where real people live. But that yellow room is swoon worthy - and Im usually anti yellow. Thanks for sharing.


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