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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Green with Envy" ~ Nathan Anthony

Have you heard about Nathan Anthony? I was in their Showroom last High Point market. They have one of the greenest lines of furniture I have found. They have two 'lines' of furniture ~ both exactly the same except if one desires to be fully green versus eco-friendly, they can do that by Envi - ing it. What does that mean? Here's what they do.....

Read About Turning Green with Envi™
Posted on: Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nathan Anthony Envi™ is eco-friendly furniture upholstered using sustainable and re-usable materials.

Envi™ is offered as an option on all of Nathan Anthony frames. The following materials are used:

Wood – All frames are made of sustainable hardwoods from forests that harvest wood responsibly by taking measures to protect endangered species and making sure to protect old growth. We are working on getting FSC-Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Hemp – The inside structure of the frame requires a combination of hemp and jute webbing instead of polyester webbing. Burlap is used over the springs for a strong durable surface.

Latex – 100% pure rubber-sap extract from protected rainforest trees is used to cover the frame and cushions, instead of polyurethane foam. Our Latex is 100% biodegradable and sure to out-live any petroleum-based foam.

Wool - Hypoallergenic wool fibers, instead of polyester fiber, wrap around 100% pure natural latex padding which helps to create the beautiful shapes that define Nathan Anthony furniture.
Cotton – Certified Organic (pesticide free) cotton pads the frame and adds extra breathable comfort. This supports Organic farms and pesticide free farming practices.

Fabrics – We offer certified Organic cotton fabrics, and others containing natural fibers - linens and cotton, and many of our polyester microfibers are recycled and/or certified eco-friendly.

Leg Finishes – non-chemical based paint.

The price point increases when you Envi it but green is what you want or need, then it is worth every penny. Take a look at some individual pieces. The lines are clean ~ I love that! You can even customize sizes ~

Here are some vignettes. These pieces may be used in contemporary, transitional, and traditional designs.....

I love the day bed with the tray above. What a fabulous design.

Radial balance ~ that is completely my thing ~

They also make beautiful crystal studded pillows......

If you can design it, they can make the pillow! Now that is what I call bling!

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