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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Friday ~ Kravet & Echo Design

Kravet recently announced a partnering with Echo Design for wallpaper. They are very pretty and fresh. I love the one above ~ just the right amount of yellow for me. Here are some more.....

I think these wallpapers are beautiful. Fresh designs, fresh colors. It made me think 'who is Echo Design?' as I was unfamiliar with them. I went in search of. I found a lot ~ all happy and fun and well designed. Here are some scarfs that speak just like the wallpaper ~ fresh!

You know, I use to wear scarfs quite a bit ~ not so much anymore. These beauties make me want to run right out and get one. Plus, they have these fabulous purses and totes.....

Now I sport my very own Paula Grace Designs, Inc. tote during the work week but I'd be happy to carry one of these over the weekend. I am in love with the snake skin purse. I'm pretty sure I have to have it.

Kravet has made another excellent choice ~ they have exquisite taste for partners.

Happy weekend!


  1. Love the bags and the scarves. I love the zebra paper too. Kristin

  2. Th the zebra paper is great! Hey, you are not anonymous anymore :)

  3. Paula Grace -- thank you SO much for the birthday wishes and kind comments :) You are so sweet!

    Also, I love this wallpaper! The first image has such a brilliant and cheerful look. Will have to look into them for sure...

    Have a wonderful weekend*


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