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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working Paint

I have used functional paint in several of my designs. I used magnetic paint in the Child Advocacy Center to help maintain a comfortable room size. I also used it underneath children’s wallpaper so they could place magnets directly in a scene. I have also used magnetic chalkboard paint for get the best of both. See Magnamagic. Fun! Chalkboard paint can be tinted to be used with almost any décor – from children room to kitchen…. See Rustoleum. I recently came across another functional paint that I have not used – washable marker board from Idea Paint. Just one coat turns any surface into a dry erase board. Great! How eco-friendly! In fact, they address this directly on their website, “Idea Paint is the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market, making significant improvements in raw material utilization, energy consumption, and air quality. “ Wonderful! I can see using this in many applications - home office, kitchen, laundry room, pantry, playroom….. Many folks came up with great uses for functional paint – take a look. Send me your photos using functional paint and your ideas and stay tuned to see your contributions.


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