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Monday, June 8, 2009

All Things Glass III

As promised, I continue my All Things Glass series with affordable art glass options. First, I'll show you some pieces that I have in my own home. You have seen this picture a couple of times before. This is a piece I have in my family room on top of my media cabinet from Nuvo Glass. I love these pieces because they are simple in color - white, clear and gold - when the light is not on them. Cast the light and they glow.
These pieces are from Fusion Z. Fusion Z and Nuvo Glass have excellent price points. These pieces are from their Glass Kelp line. The blue you see is actually an welcomed anomaly. I had seen the piece in blue at a showroom. When I placed my order, I asked them to hand pick for me a set with the blue. I have this placed in my living room where steel blue is used. I know they are designed to look like kelp but my interpretation is fire. In fire, orange-red, orange, and blue are represented. This is my abstract 'fireplace.' It is the center of a large display cabinet.

Here are the professional shots of the room (better than mine!).

In the second picture, you can also see the piece below, which I admired for years before I purchased it. This piece is from The Artful Home.
The Artful Home represents many wonderful artists in all price ranges. Below are a few from The Artful Home that I selected.

I love glass bowls! I use them for centerpieces or to simply place on a table, shelf, console.... the possibilities are endless. If you do not have a light source such as a pin light, just place a portable light next to it like these. These are 'desk lamps' that have great lamps for glass. The are sleek and I would even consider them discreet. I found them on Lamps Plus.

These bowls below are an excellent example of the relationship between glass and light.

Here are some lovely ones from Fusion Z.

If you do not see something here that catches your eye, check out their websites. I am sure you will find something that catches you eye just like glass catches light.

Those that follow me on Facebook, check out your gem of the week!


  1. Nice selection of beautiful glass pieces! I really like the blue/green vases from Artful Home, as well as well as the trio of purple, golden yellow and cyan. Amazing, and I would love to own some! One of my favorites is local 18 Karat,


  2. Thank you! I looked at the 18 karat site - very nice.


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