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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sexy Luxury II

Once again, I have a vignette. A sexy vignette inspired by a Moroccan belly dancer ensemble I came across.
While looking for pictures to illustrate just how sensual these ensembles are, I found the pictures at the top. Red and gold versus the red and silver one I found at Epcot. I have to admit, I am partial to red and gold because I have always loved the combination of red and camel. Always. I think it is a timeless palette. It can be very traditional or it can be modernized to update the look. The vignette I came up with today is what I consider a transitional design that is cozy and hot. Check out the bed! The is the Soho Upholstered Bed from Hickory Chair. Fabulous! I would upholster it in...

A toffee colored mohair from Beacon Hill.

Next, a duvet made from....

A sumptuous fire colored silk, cotton, polyester fabric called Futurology, also from Beacon Hill.

And of course, an abundance of pillows..... first layer,

A 100% silk pile velvet in cognac......

Followed by, use guessed it, Ryan Pillows from Legacy Home, I do love them and their exceptional quality........

I added some brown hues in the pillows to further deepen the rich palette. The vignette would not be complete unless it was illuminated......

Unfortunately, this picture is not the actual chandelier I would use. I could not find a picture I could use for this blog. This is the beveled arc series from Fine Art Lamps. The one I would use is from the same series except in gold. This is one of my favorite chandelier collections. I have one in my own home. They are amazing! The link takes you to the one I would absolutely use in this vignette.

It is fun to design fantasy spaces. Naturally in my fantasies, I use high end products, rich in hue and hand. But these visions can be achieved by looking for similar items in your budget. I have the Futurology fabric in my home ~ on one pillow face! The back is another fabric in the same hue ~ a less expensive fabric. That is another way to stretch a hard earned dollar! But now it is back to reality... my daughter has swim class... will the glamour never end??!


  1. What a fabulous idea for inspiration! I'm loving these warm tones, and also the silvers in the last post. And that chandelier? How sexy is that?!

  2. The dripping crystal or the beveled arc?? No matter, I think both are very sexy. When I go into their showroom at Market, I literally drool ~ it's a little embarrassing :)


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