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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celtic Woman, etc............

On Monday night, I had the great pleasure of seeing the Celtic Woman at Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center. First a word about Wolf Trap. Wolf Trap is a wonderful venue to see a show. I have seen countless concerts and dance performances there - all under the stars in the fresh air. I adore outdoor shows - if it is not raining - dah. There is something quite fantastic about breathing in fresh air, counting the stars, and listening to great music - it is intoxicating all on its own. Add a nice bottle of wine, some creamy brie, a delicious baguette, and sweet strawberries and I am downright delirious! That is what happened Monday night. My husband, daughter and I went to see and listen to the Celtic Woman. My daugher asks for their CD on long car trips. It is her favorite music to fall asleep too - after she sings along for a bit. I love to watch her emote while she is singing to them - so serious - so dramatic. My daughter is six years old - so precious to watch. I find myself watching her a lot with a constant smile on me face. Back to the Celtic Woman. They are the epitomy of the word angelic. Their soaring voices, the moving music complete with powerful drumming.... it was breathtaking. They sang all the songs we wanted to hear and then some. My daughter's favorte is Orinoco Flow; she danced and raised her arms high as the drums beat, then she looked to the sky, arms spread wide with the last sensational drum blow. I actually teared up. My favorite is You Raise Me Up. They sand a song I had not heard before, The Voice. It what riveting. I am glad my dauhter heard that song. I intend to purchase the CD it is on. What a wonderful message for all little girls - "I am the voice of the future." Yes, you are my little love. I also love the fact that the Celtic Woman are girls' girls - feminine, brilliant, powerful.... Listen and watch for yourself. I'd love to hear what you think. Now you know I am going to interpret this to interior design and you know I have been on a glass kick, well..... how about this.........

What are you showing us? You ask. Wallpaper - glass beaded wallpaper - their singing and dresses above made me think of this. Both the Celtic Woman and the wallpaper have a elegant sparkle to them. Would you like soft color?

I can imagine these even in a nursery, giving a little shimmer to the wall... my daughter would love the pink one....

Need something a bit more bold?

Fine then........

With glass, the possibilities are endless. Glass wallpaper has come along way. In the beginning, everyone could see their beauty but they were thick and heavy. Installers had difficulty cutting them and if taken down, the walls were damaged. Now a days, there is flexible glass beaded wallpaper that is stunning....

I love placing these types of wallpaper- the patterns above and the plain glass bead - in shadowboxes of a dining room along with a sconce. The sparkle is brilliant. You don't need a lot of paper to make a huge impact. The Celtic Woman inspired this blog and the association to these magnificant wallpapers.... I'll leave you with more examples to ponder. Where would you put them?

Sources for pictures: Designerwallcoverings.com, Wallpaperweekly.com, Designyourwall.com


  1. WOW! Where do I begin...the music is incredible, so much so, I almost cry...the dresses? I love each one. They're so beautiful! What an evening that must have been! Your daughter is lucky that you take the time to show her music culture - this is so important and I bet she will thank you when she's older. (I'm 23 and am very thankful to my Mom)

    And then, there is the wallpaper. Incredible. I have not come across glass beaded wallpaper and now am very curious about it! Just beautiful. I would love to see it in a makeup desk alcove or inside a cabinet with a simple vignette...Oh...the possibilities are endless! Can you imagine a glistening light fixture with it? If you are/ are going to be working with any, I would love to see the results! Thank you for such an amazing post!

  2. Thank you Sarah, what a lovely thing to say. As soon as I have some glass wallpaper project photos to show you, I will. :)

  3. Okay the damask red and gold bead paper is absolutely breath takingly gorg! I want that in my powder bath. Have always loved!! this stuff. Kristin

  4. Paula- thank you for you call back, I am currently looking for the wallpaper design from these last two pictures from the three websites listed, and just can not seem to find them. Especially the second one up with the circles. Can you help me on this one?! Thanks!

  5. I looked too. I didn't find it. I wrote this post in 2009 so it is quite possible that it has been discontinued. Sorry :(


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