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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspired by a Car?

Yes, inspired by a car & what surrounds it. (I couldn't wait until tomorrow). This room was designed and built by the incredible R. Douglas Mansfield Architect, Inc. Why are they incredible? Just look at their website, project by project, space by space. You'll see why. I saw this room on HGTV's Top 10 Game Rooms. This room is literally built under water. So what do they do, they design a room that makes you feel like you are surrounded by water. From the reflections around the room from the magnificent chandelier to the aquarium with a live coral reef. Can you see the car in the window? The walls of the room are painted in automotive paint ~ the same paint as the car. The car is parked underground with museum quality lights that illuminate it as a piece of art carefully framed. The car IS art to the owner. It is one of his favorites. The picture I have is lame, I know, but please take a look at their website. It will blow you away. This game room is in the Lido Island Project. Another HGTV Top 10 is in the Crystal Cove project. Gorgeous!

I can relate to being inspired by a car. Clearly the car the room is based on is a fast car. Love that speed! I actually do not drive very fast but I sure do love a quick ride.

We rode Splash Mountain in Disney several times. It's Lauren's favorite ride. For these pictures, we rode it in the morning and again at night. My daughter likes the day picture on the right because she is screaming just like her mother. My husband likes the night picture because he is more animated. I, of course, look the same in both ~ screaming at the top of my lungs. Lauren does it too. We agree that screaming makes the ride more fun.

It sure does!

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