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Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Things Glass ~ Tile

By now you know my love of glass. In this portion of my Glass series, I want to show you some beautiful glass tile. Glass is an eco-friendly product and "allows you to harness the beauty of color and light in ways other products simply can't. " The quote is from Ann Sacks. I couldn't agree more. Let's look at some of Ms. Sack's creations.

I adore this one. I can see this in a feminine bathroom........

I can see these for hip fireplaces.......

I think these last two would make very cool back splashes.......

Erin Adams has some magnificent designs for Ann Sacks. The first tile of the blog is hers and.......

You can create any look you would like ~



Pump up the color........

Or keep it neutral.....

The possibilities are endless. So is the price range. If Ann Sacks is not currently in the cards, try places like Wholesalers USA, Cool Tiles, or Glass Tile Store. Happy tiling! That is glass tiling.........


  1. This new glass tile out in the market is so gorgeous I can't stand it. Kristin

  2. Agreed. There is so much modern designers have to work with. These tiles are just one of the few examples.


  3. I am amazed of those beautiful examples of glass tiles. Nice post.

  4. I love glass tiles! This is such a great feature, Paula Grace. The glamorous series is just divine, and I don't think I would want to leave my bathroom. The new, available patterns that are fantastic - back when I was renovating my main bath, I purchased the classic soft blue subway tile, as that was nearly the only option at the time. I love it, highly recommend it, and find it so easy to keep clean and sparkling~

    *Also the wall sconces in the "Red" bath are incredible, aren't they?

  5. I did not realize until I saw it in person .. just how beautiful glass tile can be. Thanks for making me try to envision where I can put it in my own home. PJZ

  6. Yes, Sarah, they are beautiful sconces. I wonder where they are from. Hmmm??? I'll look into it.

  7. Ann Sacks gets me everytime. Gorgeous! Their showroom is total heaven.

  8. Brandie,
    Yes, their showroom is devine! I have been thinking about re-doing my master bath but I get stuck on which glass tile to use because there are so many fantastic ones to choose from. Maybe I'll do a blog poll to help me decide....

  9. Hi Grace.

    I am a glass enthusiast too. I liked the photos that you posted showing different glass tiles and bathroom designs.

    We will be renovating our house this month.We will be using red colored glass (Brandon) tiles for our bathroom. I really liked the photo of the magnificent red bathroom. It's very classy and inviting. I hope we would be able to achieve that look for my house.

    Thanks for sharing this post.


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