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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Things Glass

I love glass. I said that in Paula Zottoli’s blog in my Artist Series. Paula knows me very well. That is why she gave me earrings made from glass. Glass is a material that I adore because it is amenable. What do I mean by that?? Glass let’s one express themselves artfully in many forms and applications. It can agree with any palette and style as it can have color or no color, texture or no texture. It is also amenable as it is a responsible material - glass is typically an eco-friendly product. I also love light – light is paramount in all designs. Glass is amenable to light as it is open to its influence. When glass is unlit, it looks one way – lit – another. Recall from my principles and elements blog. Here it is again – the example of light versus no light. These are glass art pieces from Nuvo Designs. Directing light through glass gives a different interpretation – unlit = demure, lit = spectacular. I love glass.

I have also found that manufactures tend to be green in their processes to develop their glass products. Today, let’s look at glass for countertops – countertops – yes, countertops and such. I aspire to have glass countertops in my own home. I will have a style that looks like water – soothing and beautiful. How do they function compared to granite or other stone? Very well. Take a look at these companies and you will see what I mean regarding functionality and responsibility: Thinkglass by Mailhot, Vetrazzo, and Icestone. Take a look at these applications and products and tell me what you think.

This one is my favorite.

Recall the interplay between light and glass. I know this is a commercial application but I can imagine this next to a pool with a fabulous party!


  1. Oh so soothing and inviting! Forget granite, I want glass!!

  2. I agree. Also setting up modern furniture, and bright colors work very well. My favorite is the bar. Love to sit in one like that.


  3. I love the look of light through glass. Another wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing so much of you and your insight here!

  4. Great feature! I quite like the countertops and have been a bit curious about them/ the care/ how it would work, etc.


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