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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Things Glass III - Part Two - Artist Series III

A funny thing happened - I received an email from Terry Nelson, VP of Marketing for The Artful Home thanking me for the blog mention. No, please Thank You! Mr. Nelson said, "We are currently running at 15% off promotion in case you wanted to mention that for people looking to buy one of those beautiful glass pieces you included." How wonderful! Now all those beautiful pieces are even more affordable. So what do I do, I immedaitely go back to their site and start looking. Guess what I found?? More beautiful AND functional art glass. Everyone knows about vessel sinks. They can be lovely and add so much. I just put a copper vessel in my client's powder room. It is beautiful. I cannot wait to show you the before and after pictures of that entire project - maybe I'll take some with my little Canon to at least show you the powder room. But I digress. What about a glass sink vessel ot perhaps a faucet. I found these fabulous ones at The Artful Home.

Too much of a commitment? Well, how about this one.....
This one reminds me of the glass pieces I showed you on top of my media cabinet. It is neutral so it will go with almost any decor. The red one above reminds me of another glass piece in my home that I forgot to show you. It is on my mantel.

I bought this one from a young artist at The Sugarloaf Craft Fesitval in Virgnia. I tried to get the link for Sugarloaf but it isn't working. I hope the Festival lives on! Art festivals are the perfect place to find amazing art in just about any material. At that same festival, I purchased beautiful Raku pieces from a brilliant young artist who literally had a fire pit in his parents backyard - Nikko Yngente. When I Googled him, he came up in Linkedin, Facebook, and Business Exchange. Raku is defined per About.com as: "Definition: Raku (noun) generally refers to a type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. Western-style raku usually involves removing pottery from the kiln while at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials. Once the materials ignite, the containers are closed. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which effects the colors in glazes and clay bodies. The drastic thermal shock also produces cracking (known as crackling since it is deliberate)." Ok, I'll buy that - but I bet Nikko knows better. Here he is per his Facebook page and here are my pieces...
Ok, that looks pretty intense! I am not sure if that is part of the Raku process. Maybe Nikko will email me and let me know. I bought these pieces years ago and I still love them today. They are also on my media cabinet - on the other end (that is my daughter's picture when she was three years old peaking into the shot - adorable). Unfortunately, I don't have the card of the red vase glass artist. I must have misplaced it. His work was wonderful too. I have disgressed again into Raku. In my defense - the message I am trying to deliver is ART - art is a must in all my designs. We will talk frequently about art - almost all mediums. I was actually going to blog on the art of music as an inspiration today - again..... I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!


  1. A very beautiful piece. I'm a red person, so the first picture, and the red sink bowl stood out for me. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow Paula - these are stunning! I've never seen glass sinks like these, you'd never get me out of the bathroom! I'd be washing my hands all day!


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