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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Company Store

I was leafing through Southern Living and came across an ad for The Company Store. I love The Company Store. They have lovely merchandise at reasonable prices. What I use them a lot for is children's bedding. They have a nice selection particularly for the toddler to 10 years old group. What appeals to me are the colors they have and the fact that many of the bedspreads are machine washable. Gotta love that! My daughter is currently going though a 'play make-up' phase. This usually means some make-up ends up on her bed especially during a play date. I just pre-spot it and throw it in the wash. It comes out looking like new. No muss, no fuss. They are currently offering 15% off your entire purchase. Not too shabby ~ I used it when I purchased my daughter's bed set (shown above) ~ they run this promotion every so often. You may use the link or if you prefer to call, their number is 1-800-799-1399. Use offer code south509. It ends 7/25/09 so if you are in the market for children's bedding (or other home items), check it out.

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