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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Karen Dunlap ~ Design For Your Success Now

In keeping with the theme of wonderful women this week, meet Karen Dunlap.

Karen is a good friend of mine. We have traveled to Market together, been on vacations together, enjoyed wonderful music together, we even exercise together with a trainer..... I think very highly of her.

Here we are at Market.

But what is Karen doing in the picture at the top? She's teaching as a local design center about Social Media. Why? Because Karen has a passion for getting out useful information to other designers. She has dedicated much time and energy pursuant of pertinent information specifically for the design industry.

Not only is Karen a wonderful designer, she has a second job ~ teaching others on how to have a successful interior design business. Her company is called Design For Your Success Now. Her blog and E-zine provides invaluable information for free! She is developing her coaching arm of the business and soon will be available to you.

Karen is committed to help others have success ~ her generosity is abundant. I would encourage all those that would like specific knowledge about the business of interior design to join her blog and sign up for her E-zine (newsletter). You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Karen is very talented. I love getting all her research. It is great for any design biz.


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